Monthly Archives: November 2005

Pre-jamb camp

love/scouts love each other like brothers kom nee op ma loverau ruk kan cher cher (x2)op ma love l.o.v.e. (x2)luk ser ruk kan men nor pi (x2)op ma love l.o.v.e. (x2) In case you don’t know what this is (well I think only those who went for the pre-jamboree camp from 26th to 28th December […]


Yo there, In case you have no idea who in the blue hell I am (and if you don’t understand the “Profile” section of this blog), let me do a self-introduction. I am Toh Weibin, Assistant Patrol Leader of Patrol Owl. As you MIGHT know, my Patrol Leader is Lau Yu Jay, who is also […]

Physical Training Activity 1

This week, on the 19th of November, we had a VERY enriching Scout Activity. Well, I think it was perhaps more physically enriching than anything else. We started off by doing some pushups. Starting off with 10 warmup pushups, the session evolved into a punishment session, with each member pumping for his uniform mistakes, for […]