Physical Training Activity 1

This week, on the 19th of November, we had a VERY enriching Scout Activity. Well, I think it was perhaps more physically enriching than anything else.

We started off by doing some pushups. Starting off with 10 warmup pushups, the session evolved into a punishment session, with each member pumping for his uniform mistakes, for talking during pumping, as well as each PL and APL pumping for the lack of attendance in their patrol. I certainly felt worn out by the end of the session, but I was very sure that I did each and every one of the pushups properly. The water cooler was indeed inviting at the end of the session. Ahhhhhhh….

Although some of us were already frantically waving the white flag (like those cute worms in the computer game) many of us still had the spirit to continue with physical training. We started off with the SOC (what a cool place to start off with!) and Mr. Big Biceps (a.k.a. Zhen Yang) kindly instructed us to do 3 sets of 6 pullups, including assisted pullups.

Upon hearing the GOOD news, all of us turned to each other in mock delight. Eventually, probably none of us completed the sets both. As for me, I was more interested in doing pullups individually than doing assisted pullups, though I could only manage a maximum of 3 (omgwtf) individually.

Well, I decided that I won’t spend too much time describing everything. So, I’ll just talk about some things.

During the activity, I received 2 bruises, both to my right leg. These two were obtained from the ropes at the SOC. Climbing the ropes is indeed an enjoyable activity for me. Imagine the feeling of being at the top of the world, and having the desire to shout to everyone below “you losers” (just kidding). Both these bruises were gotten from rope burns, and they still hurt =(. Even worse, I got a finger sprain (argh finger sprain?!) from playing basketball after Scout Activity.

Overall, this Saturday was a nice time for us to go train ourselves physically in preparation for VMC. My greatest takeaway was the time to train. Having little motivation to train by myself, I usually utilise this time for physical training. Hopefully I’ll be ready for VMC when it comes.

Now comes the question to end this post off.

Do you play DotA?

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