Yo there,

In case you have no idea who in the blue hell I am (and if you don’t understand the “Profile” section of this blog), let me do a self-introduction.

I am Toh Weibin, Assistant Patrol Leader of Patrol Owl. As you MIGHT know, my Patrol Leader is Lau Yu Jay, who is also the Band Major. So usually I’m the guy who stands in directly opposite the commander when in the horseshoe formation =). I have almost (well may be a long way to go) completed my First Class Scout, having well 2 tests to pass one being Camp (not enough nights) and the next being Exploration (haven’t taken hike).

I have even more to Chief Commissioner Award, but once I take and hopefully pass the CCA Hike, it should pose no problem to me. In Scouting, the things I really enjoy are campfires and going out or just having fun with my fellow Scout (soon to be Venture) buds, including playing LAN, DDR or basketball, or even having a simple meal.

I enjoy playing many games, be it sports or computer. For sports, I like playing basketball (though I admit I’m not that good at it), and enjoy swimming. As for computer games, I prefer games like DotA (remember the previous post?) and DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). DDR might ring a bell as some arcade game where people jump on the dancing machine, but the version that some scouts and I play is a keyboard version.

Yep, that’s about all. Whoever it is reading this blog right now, I hope I get to know more about you in some way or another! (For those reading before Scout Activity, Qin Sheng, Wei Min, Hansen and I will not be at Scout Activity this Saturday because of Pre-Jamboree Camp)

argh fy_iceworld

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