Pre-jamb camp

love/scouts love each other like brothers

kom nee op ma love
rau ruk kan cher cher (x2)
op ma love l.o.v.e. (x2)
luk ser ruk kan men nor pi (x2)
op ma love l.o.v.e. (x2)

In case you don’t know what this is (well I think only those who went for the pre-jamboree camp from 26th to 28th December or are going to the 25th APR Jamboree as service scouts will know) this is a Thai Scout Song. The 4th line translates to the “lengthened” title, and is rather meaningful to me. I hope it will be meaningful to you all readers.

The pre-jamb camp was quite boring, but I got to know many scouts from all over Singapore, including Aquila Ventures, RV Eagle Scouts, Clementi Town Scouts and ACS(I) Scouts (one of which has CCA and many many proficiency badges, wonder where they came from XD). I also managed to improve my skills cos of my appointment as troop QM (some of them of which I have forgotten) and learn basic Thai.

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