Hello readers, if I have any.

Yeah, just to update you, here’s my schedule over the month:

17th-19th: Venture Cord Hike Companionship
21st-23rd: Venture Mobile Camp
25th-4th Jan: 25th APR Jamboree, Thailand.

The purpose of highlighting my schedule is to ask for a small favour: BE LIGHT ON US DURING VMC AHHHHHHHHH…..

OK enough of that. This week during Scout Activity we had our VMC meeting. We received our packing list from Kelvin, as well as some objectives and requirements. (It sure sounds fun.)

The only thing I’m kinda worried about is getting the ONE CLEAN ******. Wei Min says he got it from his survival kit last time. I’ll pray hard that I get it from Venture Cord Hike, if not I’ll have to ask my brother or something.

… I’ll get it somehow.

Then we had PT. My form in pullups is rapidly dropping. Maybe I need a rest. In fact I’m more concerned about running than pullups. I need to train both. Fast.

After Scouts, we had a Contingent meeting. No comment. (This was written on 11/12 but posted now)

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