Monthly Archives: January 2006

Venture Activity: Survival

Failed. What more can I say? The entire activity was a success, but we failed in doing what we should have done – making lin (forest) the most consistent (i.e. best) group. Well, its not about being the best. Its about doing our best. Yet I feel I didn’t do my best in some aspects, […]

Venture Activity: Pioneering

We had our second venture activity yesterday, building a suspension bridge and an aerial runway. At least the flying fox was enjoyable =). I think I felt like letting go while going through it, perhaps if in future activities we can build some kind of “seat” (or maybe just use a viable alternative to a […]

First Venture Activity

Hello all readers, Today I had my first Venture activity. Well I guess I am one of the lousier ones in Home Econs cos I don’t really do housework! It showed when I was ironing. (But well, I admit I sewed quite well but well I went home and redid the pillow and the epaulette) […]

Scouting: The Road To Peace

25th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Jamboree: Sattahip, Hadyao, Thailand 2005 This Jamboree was really memorable for me. From the friends made in Indonesia (and greeting them with Bohai! which means pretty) to saying “Quit Luk Ser lah” for various stupid reasons towards the end of the Jamboree, like “Hey, the kitchen shed is dirty, quit luk […]