First Venture Activity

Hello all readers,

Today I had my first Venture activity. Well I guess I am one of the lousier ones in Home Econs cos I don’t really do housework! It showed when I was ironing.

(But well, I admit I sewed quite well but well I went home and redid the pillow and the epaulette)

Washing was screwed up. Der Koon, Benjamin and Dun Xiang gave me probably the dirtiest t-shirt (new PE T-shirt soaked completely with mud, and SOAKED not with bits and particles), and Shu Yuan and I were desperately scrubbing to no avail (Did everyone pass? I think I didn’t)

BTW. Shu Yuan is Ventures QM XD.

Anyway, gotta rush homework now, bye (to anyone who’s reading at all)!

One for all. All for one. Venturez ’06

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