Monthly Archives: February 2006

Venture Activity: Venture Night Hike

To say the least, Venture Night Hike was tiring. So tired that I got home and slept (even without having a bath that’s disgusting). It was rather cool anyway, and I learnt a few things from this hike. 5 important takeaways:1. Some taxi drivers are a little insaneAt our 5th checkpoint, I think we had […]


Hey people. The PSB is now pretty interesting/controversial, and especially since people (sec ones mostly) have started posting. First we start off with 1A21, who “suggest[s] letting them experience the old times, such as a 20- min break and all levels having recess at the same time, for about 1 week or so. Hopefully this […]


Note to PLC 06: In case you think I defamed you in any way, please re-read my entry (I’ve now deleted it because . I did say MSN nicknames might be a way to “act cool”, but I never said your nicknames never depicted reality. In fact I think your PLC’s cohesiveness is remarkable, maybe […]

My views on Acting Cool and Egoism

I’ve been thinking lately. Often, in the MRTs/buses, I’ve seen people wearing these “hip” faded jeans, plug an MP3 into their years, MUST BE-bought branded earphones cos the quality in given ones suck, T-shirts with splattered designs all over, Shoes over the 100 dollar range/branded slippers. These in our common opinion are usually broadly defined […]

Venture Activity: Orienteering

This activity was held at Sime Road and was it a test? If so I hope all passed. Next week will be Venture Night Hike, so I hope Mr. Tok Wei Min and Guan Hui can join me in saying “No!” to homework =D Am so tired now I can just lie down and sleep […]


You won’t believe this, from the iSpark Sec 1s. (Please no one come blast me on this) 1. ACE for blogsMr. Quek is actually giving them English ACE for writing blogs!! And, from one Sec 1’s blog…“This blog is for ACE [a]nd abt my sch life”2. Their teachers are really crazy! Mr. Ong, Mr. Quek […]


I’ll describe it as frenetic/flurrying/frenzied. Today was purely scout day, but I’m sure any non-scout readers would understand what I’m talking about too! (well mostly) First, went to school at 6.30 am for First Aid. We were told to report to Ms. Yap, so we waited beside the clock tower. And Waited. And Waited. Even […]