The time has come for application forms… and application forms… and application forms…

And sad to say, I’ve missed out on CCA hike yet again, for exactly the same reason (FCS hike). In fact, I should have reminded Sky more often, so that he’d bring it forward.

I can’t pass FCS by 17th February. I can do it by March, but it’ll be too late for the briefing. So basically.. hard luck.

It’s too late to say anything anyway. If I do get the chance to take FCS hike in February though, I should try for June hike unless circumstances don’t allow (e.g. lack of companion, heart attack, asthma attack, ok its CNY so I won’t continue)

To anyone who discovers this blog (scouts) please do cherish this oppurtunity for CCA hike, while you can have so many chances, I only can have one. Please come back with the pass. As for now, our batch has produced 3 CCAs (or soon-to-be CCAs), I hope more will come! (In fact I KNOW more will come)

ACS(I) gang show is coming up! For Ventures haha so scouts you get despised =D

One for all. All for one. Venturez’ 06

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