Venture Activity: Knots

Today’s activity was enriching. Not because I did pass, but for the reason that I revised most, if not all of my knotting skills. Hope Swee Kheng can get his pass the next week. About Alan though…

I hereby declare that my favourite knot is the overhand loop. (apparently its used to “attach swivels, anchors” etc.) My favourite splicing though is the eye splice. I think someday we should use the eye splice for things like anchorages, it looks rather durable as an “eye”. Whipping (weibin)-wise, the Sailmaker is the way to go. BTW is the simple whipping used ONLY for the end of the rope or for any damaged part of the rope?

Talking about usefulness, the highwayman seems like a really cool method to attach a line to a pole. Not that I haven’t learnt it before, it just appears very useful to me now.

To any Ventures who read this, who wants to do first aid duty for Cross Country? 3 benefits – we don’t have to run, we can pass the component for VC and won’t be sweaty before the EDB visit.

(BTW I think I have less than half of most people’s angbao money, guess there are richer people out there =p)

lol attendance I/C

One for all. All for one. Venturez’ 06

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