Venture Activity: Ropecourse

Hey all readers,

Venture activity was quite enjoyable today. We did ropecourse: comprising vertical rope XD, horizontal rope =( and lifeline =/. We also received our Venture Jerseys, which look really gay (especially if we walk in groups) but are rather cool nonetheless.

Passed only vertical rope, but that was expected, I always do well in that anyway HAHA. I think why some fail is because they are unable to hold on while making the “loop” with their legs again. Its not really important to be ULTRA stable when you climb up, just be fast (even in instability) and try to touch the top within 2 tries. Simply, just bend your legs as much as you can while you do that loop.

Lifeline was totally crappy. I felt the distance was a little too long, and though my lines opened up quite well, they didn’t go the distance/direction. I’m still wondering how Ming Yew could have passed =X. I guess it IS quite possible, I’d probably need a lucky try to pass it.

Horizontal rope: wasted all my energy on the first try. The turn looked quite easy especially after Edward did his demonstration, but I guess I couldn’t muster enough energy to power myself over the rope.

For those who didn’t pass anything, try harder! I’m sure you all can do the vertical rope soon =p.
I think I got more rope burn from the horizontal rope than the vertical rope =(.

Next activity is orienteering at Sime Road… well if I do have any non-scout readers here you might be thinking how small Sime Road is -.- but I won’t disclose where exactly it is, maybe you could check the street directory.

Good luck for those taking CCA hike this March. You just need the commitment and the attitude. Go with the mentality that if something goes wrong, its never your companions/testers fault. Hope you all come back with a pass =D.

One for all. All for one. Venturez ’06

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