School Life nowadays

School life is really getting boring. Imagine blocks upon blocks of homework, which come on the SAME day. Imagine times where you have to ask someone to buy food for you because you simply have no time to spare during both recess and lunch. Imagine wanting to play, but only restricting yourself to one game of DoTA because you won’t have time to do work (now that is really painful).

That’s the sad reality of school.

Comparatively, school has its fun points: Eating during class (shh), Sense of achievement after doing well/ completing work, doing well in Chinese, doing better than expected in History. These make me reconsider the prospect of just doing fine in school and focusing purely on Scouting. Though I know I’ll never do that, I’ve been thinking why I am so concerned with subjects, most of which I would never ever relook.

Scouting life too has its ups and downs –

Sometimes I don’t understand this thing: why even after so many reminders / scoldings, people still don’t get the correct idea? I’ve been thinking why Ms. Sim and Mr. Tan even bothered to schedule the meeting on Friday in the first place, where they very well knew that we’d be screwed by Mr. Lee right after it (I was predicting that). I’ve also been thinking why Dominic actually posted an EMB message informing us of a Lion Dance performance and instructing “people to inform the others of their own batches”. Yes, Sec 4s and Sec 3s would definitely do that, but of all people Sec 2s? Who don’t even know each other’s contact number?

Scouting life has its peaks, when you pass a test or go out with friends. Sometimes there’s this fun in sadism too XD. Yet life is getting rather empty to me now, it just seems so repetitive. I need something to perk me up somehow =x.

One for all. All for one. Venturez ’06

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