This post would probably be uninteresting to some readers but who cares anyway.

Benefits of DDR:
– Improves Eye-hand coordination
– Trains forearm (though only slightly)
– I think rhythmically inclined people would be able to play this better
– Can play in class
– Techno music (for fast songs)
– Good music (though may be slower)

Downside of DDR:
– Hurts eyes worse than DoTA does (flashy arrows)
– Playing DDR causes me to sleep early (learnt that from last year), thus can’t do much work
– Only Zhansheng and I play it in 4O
– THE PAIN (really fast and long songs)
– Facing the possibility that you’d never be as good as those in the DDR videos

Benefits of DoTA
– Teamwork and cooperation
– Reaction (though not much involved) and skill
– Good to get that winning feeling
– Wide ranged of mostly balanced heroes (techies)
– Quite a number of people play it in class

Downside of DoTA
– Boring concept
– Rude teammates/ opponents
– “Leavers”
– Imbalanced heroes / combinations of heroes can cause the game to be a sure-lose
– Wastes time (one game is about an hour)

Well, enough thinking, I’ll go play both today XD.

One for all. All for one. Venturez ’06

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