You won’t believe this, from the iSpark Sec 1s. (Please no one come blast me on this)

1. ACE for blogs
Mr. Quek is actually giving them English ACE for writing blogs!! And, from one Sec 1’s blog…

This blog is for ACE [a]nd abt my sch life”

2. Their teachers are really crazy! Mr. Ong, Mr. Quek and Mr. Krison are really “bringing the Sec 1 cohort to an entirely new level”. To quote,

Mr. Ong totally PISSED Muk off. Muk was wearing ankle socks and Mr. Ong spotted it. Of course Muk’s not the only one to wear ankle socks, but Mr. Ong totally picked on him alone. Muk had to go to the bookshop to buy new socks and he had to throw away his ankle socks. Well when Muk came back, he was pissed. Oh well, one more person prejudiced against Mr. Ong won’t hurt. Mr. Ong came up with this weird idea that we shud put “L” hand signs because we are class 1L. Of course that would mean we were losers, so we immediately put down the idea.”

But with the help of Joseph’s incessant crowing(he was singing like a crow too) in class, Mr. Krison punished us by making us walk up and down the corridor with our shoes on our head. We also wasted our break time by sitting down in class with our shoes still on our head.”

I mean, like WTH. I can’t believe what the new teachers of iSpark are doing, even if their behaviour is a little uncontrollable.


Likes: Silence, water, homework, exams, free time.
Neutrals: ACE, projects
Dislikes: Going out unnecessarily, spicy food, art, exam exemption, complicated assortment of marks”

I wish it was Sua Yu who got voted for Exco(or Ex-co or what ever). He would make less sports and more lessons and that would be great. I hate PE. It’s a mean subject that is cruel for a good reason which is to help us maintain our physical fitness.”

3. Flunking my Geography test (12.5/14! SUCKS! If I hadn’t made careless mistakes…)
4. Flunking my Science homework (18/25 SUCKS TOTALLY! A2. Due to some careless mistakes. Couldn’t be bothered… Got around 24th in class?)”

4. They have a LOUIS TAN in their midst!!

Joseph is becoming increasingly irritating despite his isolation. He keeps walking around class during lessons, disrupting the class and the teacher.”

I know I sound really mean here, but don’t you think the state of the iSpark Sec 1s deserves some immediate attention.

iCMG something for you to do XD

One for all. All for one. Venturez ’06

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