I’ll describe it as frenetic/flurrying/frenzied. Today was purely scout day, but I’m sure any non-scout readers would understand what I’m talking about too! (well mostly)

First, went to school at 6.30 am for First Aid. We were told to report to Ms. Yap, so we waited beside the clock tower. And Waited. And Waited. Even until the St. Johns had fallen in, no one talked to us (except Kai Meng who walked past). Though our names were obviously on the list, no one from St John realised “Who’s these 3 unknown/anonymus people on the list?” Well after we approached Ms. Yap before they almost set off without us, then she reached a POR (point of realisation) and said “Oh”, welcoming us into the bus -.-.

Following that was fun. I felt the St. John guys in my station were really cool and friendly, while those from NPCC were =/. For those who ran cross country, when you saw me, did you see 2 people from NPCC blocking the path supposedly because “there were rocks” there. Hello, there are rocks all around the path, all which can make people slip and fall, and its not as if by blocking the way no one steps on the path?! Furthermore, the other way (which was rather close to us) was a point where many people slipped (but no one fell there) and I know that because I heard the rough shuffling of someone’s shoes on the ground like 5-6 times.

On our way back, though I was clearly leading everyone in my station in walking back (wow I’m so humble) the St. Johns did make an effort to catch up (and they did catch up eventually). Whereas the NPCCs were just lagging 50 metres behind (and talking as if they had all the time in the world) and sometimes I even forgot whether they were with us. I’m not saying NPCC sucks or St John rocks my world, because I can’t say all Scouts would do exceptionally well in such a situation, but if you want to do a duty/service, at least do it well or to the best of your ability.

After the X-Country, came the torturous part. This is the reason why my nick says “oh man my legs hurt =x” even if I didn’t run the X-Country. So the factors that led to this torture were:
1. We had to walk about maybe 5-6 km to the Treetop Walk and then to Venus Drive.
2. Only those first-aiders went on the walk, with Wei Min and Sheng Wei mysteriously disappearing (heard they wanted to bathe at Wei Min’s house =/)
4. Running out of water, around 350 ml left (kudos to the ranger station near the end)
5. Rocky terrain plus relatively steep slopes
6. Need to reach City Hall MRT at 3.00 pm +++ in full school uniform after having a bath

And gosh, I can’t imagine how those from the NY Camp (especially the Sec 1s) would go through it! I mean I could endure it for sure, but… well I think you know what I mean. Now my leg is hurting (though only the skin at the heel hurts due to the continuous smashing off the boot’s “edges” with my socks and subsequently my leg)

Chionged home with a taxi (after reaching Island Club Road and getting demoralised). I reached home at 1.15, took a quick shower, printed out some stuff, ate some noodles, then rushed out to take a 174 to City Hall. (Believe me 174 takes a shorter time to reach City Hall than the MRT does from Bukit Batok)

Visit to EDB. Too tired + need to mug Fiziks so I won’t elaborate much more.

Conclusion from the visit: WE ARE MADE IN SINGAPORE, AND SHOULD JOIN THE EDB (staff incentives are really REALLY cool)

One for all. All for one. Venturez ’06

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