Venture Activity: Orienteering

This activity was held at Sime Road and was it a test? If so I hope all passed. Next week will be Venture Night Hike, so I hope Mr. Tok Wei Min and Guan Hui can join me in saying “No!” to homework =D

Am so tired now I can just lie down and sleep (like yesterday, if I’m online the whole night and “Away”, clearly I’m sleeping and haven’t switched off the com). Glad that Alan and Shuyuan did come, despite the relative eerieness of the place (and I repeat, relative). Some others (for example Swee Kheng) didn’t come again though he promised me he’d come. I didn’t call him/ask him why because I know any reason he would give would be absolute crap. (If you do read this, I’m not taking back my words)

Back to the topic. We only found 3/5 checkpoints (oh noes) and firstly cos the distance given by Kelvin was a bit screwed up (thus leading me to think that the checkpoint was much further away) and secondly our relative reluctance to bash through the forest (quite often we were stuck at some places thinking whether we should go on or backtrack). This doesn’t mean we’ll do badly for our VNH next week. I think my group would be real good, looking at how Zhen Yang can do 5 more pullups than me, how Sheng Wei walked the first-second day of PSA before KO’ing and how Ian walked to the Treetop Walk I can say I have no worries. How about me then??

Yes 7+7+3+4 pullups during Lion Dance training yesterday. I’ll be reaching 8 soon, but the number of pullups you can do is really determined by peak period. If you ask me to do now, I’ll probably only be able to reach 4/5. So all you readers who feel oppurtunistic, give me a call and come to my house to compete XD.

Apparently no one wants to speak up on the 1 AU thing, especially when it affects so many of them. And I have so much homework, I’ll probably “Mentally Calculate” most of the Math worksheets for Binomial Theorem and focus on Trigo.

In case some people don’t understand my stand on PSB regarding the Hwa Chong “blahblah” Award, you could read Guan Hui’s response to it for the first main point. The second point is that I don’t think its sufficient to deter people who take 1 AU just to reduce their MSG (thus taking it as an easier option) because if they don’t fall into the group who might receive the award, they won’t care about this consequence either.

Feel free to post comments on my stand (on PSB/ on this blog if what you’re saying is potentially dangerous). Wait if what you’re saying is potentially dangerous pls don’t post it here either I suppose teachers read this blog =O=O)

One for all. All for one. Venturez’ 06.

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