Hey people. The PSB is now pretty interesting/controversial, and especially since people (sec ones mostly) have started posting.

First we start off with 1A21, who “suggest[s] letting them experience the old times, such as a 20- min break and all levels having recess at the same time, for about 1 week or so. Hopefully this would plunge some sense into them and allow them to appreciate what they have and cherish it.”

Another post writes “I have a great passion in bowling, and it is also my best and favourite sport. I’m not a really pro bowler though(average score of “100-120, highest score ever is 167).” Wow this guy looks imba to me I always get low scores hahaha.

The person also says “Interested students please email me at or simply approach me directly.” (lol asking to be spammed)

While I appreciate the formality in their messages (maybe except the “takin” in the first post and spelling errors here and there), there are some areas in their posts which I don’t agree with.

1. No endorser
Perhaps the school can do something about this (i.e. tell them about the formalities you should have when posting). 3 messages have come up (and the first does have many telling him to endorse in the future) by the Sec 1s, and while its great that they seem to be a little constructive, there is a high possibility something that occurred previously might happen again (e.g. Mr. Hon having to step in after the spate of “personal attack” messages)

2. Some of the questions are could be instead directed to the school admin (especially the table tennis one). And if the first poster wants the Secondary Ones to “experience the past” as he phrases it, he should instead ask the school admin than making his plans known to everyone =/.

3. The third message proposes a Bowling CCA without first gathering support (for example by spamming endorsers) or having a concrete plan for what resources the bowling CCA would need (bowling alley, training time, coach). I’m sure if he does submit a formal proposal to Mr. Hon, something will be settled upon. (though I’m not sure the idea will go through)

4. I don’t really agree with this “As many other schools has bowling as a CCA for years already, a bowling club is a very big possibility.” Besides the grammatical error, why would other schools having bowling as an EP3 affect our own choice whether we should have one?
“Many schools have bowling as a CCA so it IS a workable plan, do not think it is just a fantasy.” It is workable, but there should not be a “is” for workable plan, do they even have a plan or just an idea?

BTW WWE is on now, if I’m not wrong its RAW and its Big Show and Kane VS Carlito and Chris Masters. Well WWE seems appealing to me because of firstly the storyline (and the unpredictability of it), and the way they fire people (though I don’t think they really do, they’ll be back somehow in some way). Besides that, the technicalities in wrestling are stunning; besides the way they purposely miss their punches and sometimes kicks, speed, moves and agility do matter in the business (or the real competitive non-entertainment one). While I can imagine the Angle Slam being done in a real life wrestling match for example, I don’t see how moves like the Pedigree or the chokeslam can happen (because you can simply counter with perhaps a kick).

One for all, all for one, Venturez ’06

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