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What the hell

HELLO. Before I start on this post, I would like to make it known that I AM directing this post at someone. Someone who has been on my nerves for the past 3 quarter of a year, I’ve never really confronted him about it but I think he gets the idea of what I mean […]


OK, to explain, the nickname on the left is actually a scout from Thailand whom I met in the Jamboree (of course I don’t remember what he looks like). He isn’t really good in English. Usually in our conversations, he starts a conversation with “Hi” then “How are you”. Often he says “and you?” (probably […]

Troop Camp 06

Contrary to what some people have said, I think the PLC 06 has done a relatively fine job (actually quite a great job), considering the amount of effort they put in. Watching them burnt out at night was probably a telling factor in this observation. I admit, its quite hard for a 10-people batch to […]

HELLO ALL YOU ****TARDS (censored in case teachers read)

Three main issues I would like to talk about today: 1. The Ministry of Pullups (MOP) has decided on a new policy APES (Alternate Pullup Exercise Scheme), right after the controversy that erupted from the OOPS (Only One Pullup Suckers) scheme. The MOP has served a fundamental purpose: to pull up, and this includes Socks, […]

iSpark vs other consortiums!!!!!!11111

After reading the message itself, some of the “mainstream” responses and the iSpark perspectives, I notice a few things: 1. People pick on unnecessary formalities and details, the concept of endorsement has been overly iterated I’ve seen this response by many people: “WHERE IS/ARE YOUR ENDORSER(S)???” Perhaps very few people agree with me, but though […]

Scrabble Sabbatical & Scrabble

Following this paragraph is a post about Scrabble, though less than half of you (actually half, maybe I have 2 readers for this blog) would know about it. Who cares about readership anyway. This blog isn’t here to make people happy, I post about my feelings and emotions. I find blogs which only portray someone’s […]

Scrabble Sabbatical

OKAY. We’ve had the Scrabble Sabbatical over the past 2 days, which at times get boring and uninteresting. I have to sit around and watch games (and not play) during matches, and try to find better moves for everyone (which of course is rather easy haha) . I notice the PRCs play words very strangely. […]


ACS(I) Gangshow just passed, and sorry to say I’m losing my interest in campfires/ gangshows (not to say the ACS(I) Gangshow sucked or anything, I think it was rather well done). Let me tell you why. 1. Purpose of campfire One basic purpose for campfires is entertainment. To say the truth, I’ve never really been […]

Venture Activity – Ropecourse, PT and VNH Report

Firstly, changed my blog template, so now its more readable (like Zhou Kang and Qian Xiang’s). Noticed the text for the previous entries were VERY small, were all centralised plus people would read the topmost one, which means if I post very late at night and update it in the afternoon, many readers would miss […]


WELL. Venture Night Hike has turned me into a nocturnal creature. But now, I’m going to sleep because I’ve been awake for like 18 hours (and actually 24 but I slept for an hour in between) colouring and drawing my maps, doing up the legend, floor plan and lists. Hope I will be able to […]