Monthly Archives: March 2006

What the hell

HELLO. Before I start on this post, I would like to make it known that I AM directing this post at someone. Someone who has been on my nerves for the past 3 quarter of a year, I’ve never really confronted him about it but I think he gets the idea of what I mean […]


OK, to explain, the nickname on the left is actually a scout from Thailand whom I met in the Jamboree (of course I don’t remember what he looks like). He isn’t really good in English. Usually in our conversations, he starts a conversation with “Hi” then “How are you”. Often he says “and you?” (probably […]

Troop Camp 06

Contrary to what some people have said, I think the PLC 06 has done a relatively fine job (actually quite a great job), considering the amount of effort they put in. Watching them burnt out at night was probably a telling factor in this observation. I admit, its quite hard for a 10-people batch to […]

HELLO ALL YOU ****TARDS (censored in case teachers read)

Three main issues I would like to talk about today: 1. The Ministry of Pullups (MOP) has decided on a new policy APES (Alternate Pullup Exercise Scheme), right after the controversy that erupted from the OOPS (Only One Pullup Suckers) scheme. The MOP has served a fundamental purpose: to pull up, and this includes Socks, […]

iSpark vs other consortiums!!!!!!11111

After reading the message itself, some of the “mainstream” responses and the iSpark perspectives, I notice a few things: 1. People pick on unnecessary formalities and details, the concept of endorsement has been overly iterated I’ve seen this response by many people: “WHERE IS/ARE YOUR ENDORSER(S)???” Perhaps very few people agree with me, but though […]

Scrabble Sabbatical & Scrabble

Following this paragraph is a post about Scrabble, though less than half of you (actually half, maybe I have 2 readers for this blog) would know about it. Who cares about readership anyway. This blog isn’t here to make people happy, I post about my feelings and emotions. I find blogs which only portray someone’s […]

Scrabble Sabbatical

OKAY. We’ve had the Scrabble Sabbatical over the past 2 days, which at times get boring and uninteresting. I have to sit around and watch games (and not play) during matches, and try to find better moves for everyone (which of course is rather easy haha) . I notice the PRCs play words very strangely. […]