WELL. Venture Night Hike has turned me into a nocturnal creature. But now, I’m going to sleep because I’ve been awake for like 18 hours (and actually 24 but I slept for an hour in between) colouring and drawing my maps, doing up the legend, floor plan and lists. Hope I will be able to pass this time round. I suppose I’d need a dose of this ecstasy to keep me alive and bonded towards Scouting for a longer period of time.

My results are rather satisfying: considering the amount of hard work I put in (and those subjects which I work hard for are subjects which I get A1). Disappointed with Math though, I think the reason for my poor performance in both Math and Chem can be summarised in one word: Complacency. I guess I was overconfident of getting that A1 that I only studied for 5 minutes for Chem (and none at all for Math). Its about application most of the time; but the application is not easy without practice. Even with practice, I got a D7 (and a retest A1 which brought it to B4) for Math, and B3 for Chem. HENCE I think I lack revision skillz.

I keep emphasizing that grades are never a yardstick to someone’s knowledge on the subject, nor are they an indicator of intelligence. Perhaps it might be a sign of maturity (or immaturity) for those who do well most of the time, but it really doesn’t reflect much on yourself, except maybe your logical analysis. The analysis and flow of essay has become a key feature in all subjects (except the Sciences), now teachers focus on the CONTENT as well as the LOGIC (euphemised into phrases like “critical thinking and structured writing”) very much more than the vocabulary and the critical thinking skills.

Strength is measured in many ways, intellectually, physically and psychologically. I view single-sided competition to be rather useless, all three factors come into play when determining what a person actually is. Currently what everyone is talking about is pull-ups: with the physical fitness tests coming soon, I suppose many people are training up to do well. As for me, my complacency (and procastination) tells me that I’ll definitely do much better than the time I clocked during the morning-run test, and I’ll double-digit the pull-ups on the day itself. This is because I know that I can perform well physically, and I only need the mental strength to push myself (and I’ve done it before).

I’m proud to say I’ve done well for some subjects which I did study for, like Geog and Physics. It just attests to the fact if there is a will, there will somehow be a way. Just like the Venture Night Hike Report that I’ve just completed, previously it appeared to me like a goal out of reach, beyond my human limits; but now it has happened. Just like graphite can turn into diamond under intense pressure (lol phail compre), miracles can really occur if we are pushed to our limits.

Interpersonal relations have gone on its highs and lows for me, and I notice some people get irritated more easily than ever. Many people become mature in their thinking (and some think that they have reached that stage but haven’t in my opinion), and its comforting to see how the usual lame games have developed into the intellectual conversation which is now common between many individuals. Others vent their frustrations on anything they see, often blaming me (and when I just start a convo with them I am greeted with a flurry of vulgarities) because I have supposedly aggravated their psychological condition (o.o).

For me, the best takeaway that I had this term is the idea on CONCENTRATION: as long as you do concentrate, nothing is impossible. I observed that being nocturnal (i.e. having afternoon naps for as long as 6-7 hours and not sleeping for the rest of the early morning) is quite productive: firstly you wake up around 10 pm where you still can do project work with people until around 12 where they knock off, and after that you have all the time in the world to finish your homework WITHOUT any disturbances. The outstanding feature is: I won’t be tired in the day, because this is just a reshuffle of sleeping time for me.

There’s Venture Activity tomorrow, and I guess it will be very unpredictable, especially with everyone rushing out their reports and few people planning for the activity, I wonder what will happen tomorrow. And something tells me I gotta turn in now or else something terrible is gonna AHHHHHH THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE FOG

One for all. All for one. Venturez ’06.

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