Venture Activity – Ropecourse, PT and VNH Report

Firstly, changed my blog template, so now its more readable (like Zhou Kang and Qian Xiang’s). Noticed the text for the previous entries were VERY small, were all centralised plus people would read the topmost one, which means if I post very late at night and update it in the afternoon, many readers would miss it =D.

ANYWAY. Today’s activity started off with Ropecourse, with the people in charge of the NY camp going off first (to do their activity). Spent a lot of time tying the horizontal rope to the tree (and redid it), and got punished a little here and there. Was very bored when doing lifeline (BUT I GOT ONE THROW WHICH OVERSHOT THE BENCH), but when it came to horizontal rope, I passed BUT with rope burns =/. Phew. I think pull-ups do help much when it comes to this kind of strength-technique thing.

Then came PT. Ran around Duchess area (and today strangely I didn’t feel as tired, and I usually do because my lungs and asthma take their toll on me), until SOC area. Fell down halfway and caused Melvin to fall down too, and he got a larger bruise than me (who just had a few cuts here and there wait a minute it IS a bruise). Kelvin asked all of us to do 20 pullups whether unassisted or assisted, and I finished all 20 by myself! Whee… 20 seems rather easy especially if you have many many attempts.

Got a conditional pass for my Hike Report (I mean only 2 people passed and no one failed haha). Need to redraw 3 maps and 1 route map. I guess it will be much easier now (especially colouring), because after looking at Dun Yong’s map I don’t see why I can replicate (besides the main error was the BLACK BLOCKS for the condominiums, especially when they had stuff like grass patches within). After missing First Class Hike twice, hope I can pass this one, and pass it well.

BY THE WAY, I am going to train wide arm pullups soon. Narrow ones now appear to be quite easy, and even after 10 I don’t feel THAT tired, perhaps its the temporary muscular strain that causes me to stop (CANOEING IN JC, ANYONE?). It’s probably impossible that I’ll join Canoeing during JC, as 1. my technique isn’t there 2. physical fitness isn’t there BUT I might just join some sports CCA. PERHAPS a slackier one (like Bridge Club =D) would be suitable. Gotta go back to the pullup bars sometime later today. I’m still in a celebratory mood after reaching double digits 1 month before schedule.

ACS(I) Gangshow (a.k.a. Campfire) coming up. It would be nice to meet a few friends there (hope Fahrul and Joshua from the Jamboree are there, they are quite friendly).

Life is getting more interesting.

One for all. All for one. Venturez ’06

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