Scrabble Sabbatical

OKAY. We’ve had the Scrabble Sabbatical over the past 2 days, which at times get boring and uninteresting. I have to sit around and watch games (and not play) during matches, and try to find better moves for everyone (which of course is rather easy haha) .

I notice the PRCs play words very strangely. Firstly, at the start of the sabbatical (when we didn’t teach them anything), they were playing words upside down (e.g. placing HAIRY as YRIAH). I mean, I wouldn’t mind if they played HENRY as YRNEH (as the latter is valid in the dictionary) but anyway wtf. Then, they start to play strange words at the end of the first day. Words which go unchallenged include ARI, OG etc. The worst thing is, the word list IS available for them to use (which obviously doesn’t have beautiful and almost unimaginable words like ARI).

There are a bunch of students who are rather interested, hope they get the feel of what the game is like. I wish they don’t view it as a pure memorising/ throwing out what you know thing, with pure competition strategy you can do very well already. If you only know 3 things – 2 letters, 3 letters and top 3 stems (and of course basic knowledge of English), plus your gameplay strategies, I think you should be able to get in the top 10 (considering the school scrabble players)

Anyway, after the first day went out to Pizza hut with JY, Ashley, Guan Hui and Tok, and had a student’s meal there with Pizza, Coke and a Soup (and the charges were a little high but nvm =p). Almost went to play LAN, but since Guan Hui didn’t want to waste money and Tok wanted to mug FM/CM/studies, we had 3 people, which is odd so we couldn’t play DoTA.

Went home and in all played 2 games of DoTA! (one unfinished cos 3 people in my team left) For the first, got a poor score of around 12-16 cos I was using Bane Elemental (accidentally selected). For the second, got 4-1 before everyone left.

Tomorrow is going to be fun, Cheah’s coming down and bringing a MOVIE (wth a movie?!). The sabbaticals have been cool for me so far… and strangely the teachers are pleased with what we’re doing (cos they’re learning too lmao)

Have been online on MSN/ISC for very long. Need to start work on VNH, EDB, Jamboree reports, plus HRP stuff. Melvin, if you read this pls rmb to call me tomorrow to get your Math stuff =/.

One for all. All for one. Venturez ’06

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