iSpark vs other consortiums!!!!!!11111

After reading the message itself, some of the “mainstream” responses and the iSpark perspectives, I notice a few things:

1. People pick on unnecessary formalities and details, the concept of endorsement has been overly iterated

I’ve seen this response by many people: “WHERE IS/ARE YOUR ENDORSER(S)???” Perhaps very few people agree with me, but though I posted the PSB message on formalities and the like, the basic concept behind endorsement is firstly, to ensure that your message has enough substance to be posted out (and some of them don’t even though they are endorsed), NOT to see if many people agree with you. Let’s examine this statement: “Although you may think that we loathe the iSPARKians and have treated them unkindly, but by the fact that you have no endorser, we can say that nobody agrees with you.” So, if I do not endorse, no one agrees with me and thus my perspective should not be taken seriously! Then, it is alright for me to post messages like “Canteen water cooler not working” when it is endorsed!

I don’t see why this common sense, or lack thereof, is so apparent in our students. Putting the grammatical errors aside, people only notice the FACE value of endorsement and not the underlying principle that it is to check if your message is suitable for the general audience. To me, I strongly believe messages like this should be accepted and NOT some inconsequential rambles about the school facilities. As long as your message is suited for debate, and provokes some discussion, I don’t see why it doesn’t deserve to be posted.

2. There are several fallacies in many of the “mainstream” responses

I get what they mean, but I can’t understand why some people say “I’m sorry but it looks like you are just assuming that people hate iSpark. Think back and ask yourself since when you felt that people hated your consortim. I doubt you can think of any situations which leads you to conclude that other people hate iSpark.” So many of their statements come unsupported! Just like a lot of them put, its unfair to criticise unless you have valid examples of their own.

This has got to be one of the most hilarious:
I don’t think so, but I do think that the iSPARKians are some sort of proud. After all, we all belong to the Hwa Chong family and must not despise each other. Although you may think that we loathe the iSPARKians and have treated them unkindly, but by the fact that you have no endorser, we can say that nobody agrees with you.

Let’s compare within the paragraph “must not despise each other” and “iSPARKians are some sort of proud”. What exactly is he trying to say? That iSpark is very proud but we must not despise them no matter how proud they may be? Maybe he is trying to emphasise that nobody agrees with him, because he could not get an endorsement!!!

Although I despise iSpark a little bit because they always get high marks in their test, but I feel that this kind of attitude is wrong and unfair. iSpark rocks!

All I have to say: LOL!!!

I love this one the most:
I think this is a personal attack.You should not write “ISpark vs other consortiums” because it is like challenging other consortiums.Instead, you should write “Why ISpark is hated” or something like that.And,where’s your endorser?So students,please do not post such messages because we are still a Hwa Chong family.

SO STUDENTS, please think through your responses thoroughly before posting them.

3. A lot of the views express a defensive rather than balanced perspective

Many people try to defend themselves from the “hate iSpark” opinion by saying, hey, not EVERYONE hates iSpark. However, very few of them give proper suggestions and examples. Some do not try to explain why iSpark is hated in the first place (besides the high marks in test one HAHAHA). Not saying that these responses are weak, but I have never liked arguing against people who get defensive after a while. Arguments like this tend to be skewed towards a totally offensive vs totally defensive type, like a guy saying A is stupid, then another guy saying A is smart (and thus A is either totally stupid or totally smart), instead of the person saying A is more stupid than smart, then another guy saying A is more smart than stupid (lame example).

There are some responses that I like though:

This is rather constructive and at the same time not really offensive/defensive
IF there are instances when you meet people who hate iSpark, plase elaborate about them. Just commenting without evidence is not a good way to convince people of your point of view. Personally, I do not hate students iSpark and I see no reason for anyone to do so.

This one is really cool:
lol…realli not our comments so rude that we are already showing dislike to this isparkian. so contradicting

One of the most constructive ones:
Based on my observations, i notice that most students from other consortiums dislike ispark because they perform well in their studies and not as well in their sports. Besides, i do not know of any ispark students being ‘discriminated’ by other students. The situation you have described above is not very widespread (i think)and i think that you should just try to ignore those who ‘hate’ you and your consortium. If this situation gets more and more out of hand, i think the school might consider not having any consortium system. That would be better, wouldn’t it? (You forgot to endorse your message)

Man I like the copy paste.

I don’t know but this issue seems rather thought-provoking to me – triggering such replies, Mr. Hon posting an EMB message (Pick E guys) and some discussion here and there. I’ve posted my reply on the PSB (OF COURSE NOT AS MY THIRD POST).

Let’s go back to yesterday. Had Job Week (and a few crazy incidents here and there, I’m too lazy to write it all out). Amassed at least 50 dollars and plus a “job offer” on Wednesday, probably we’ll be doing packing (sounds cool right?). Not sure if we’ll get a lot of money from there, but it is surely going to be fun (and tiring at the same time)! I realise I need to do my VNH maps (all 3 of them) but procastination has gotten the better of me (and I think I won’t start until its after dinner). Which effectively means I won’t be able to sleep. On second thoughts, I’ll start around 3.

One for all. All for one. Venturez’ 06

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