What the hell

HELLO. Before I start on this post, I would like to make it known that I AM directing this post at someone. Someone who has been on my nerves for the past 3 quarter of a year, I’ve never really confronted him about it but I think he gets the idea of what I mean from our conversations. And I doubt he reads this. If he does, and has any points for contention, I hope he can come forward and tell me on MSN or personally, instead of keeping his ideas to himself and bottling any frustration he has. I know I have a lot of homework to do, but I should type this whole entry first, seriously I won’t be able to take much more of this.

I don’t understand why and how some people choose to be exclusive. When I mean exclusive I do not only mean clinging to one’s clique and going out with them, but keeping all personal perspectives as well as complaints to the clique, and not airing them. To tell the truth, I like to be direct. Being direct makes you carefree. You don’t need to hide anywhere. You’re just the person you are. And I’ll be direct with this statement: I hate people who talk behind people’s backs and appear to be so nice to them. Come on, even if I talk behind people’s backs (a lot of times), I show them direct what I have been thinking. An example: I’ve often accused Wei Min of being a mugger behind his back, and I have no qualms about “niao”ing him in his face. Sometimes people think that I’m insensitive and so on, but that is what I truly feel.

Exclusiveness makes you selfish. You only care about the people in your clique, and become overly defensive when people start to criticize you. On communication with your friends from your clique, you become more convinced that you are right. You are only presented with one point of view, and don’t want to accept alternative points of view because you have the upper hand in your own view. Eventually, you only think about yourself, and think that you are thinking of everybody (although you are only thinking for the people in your clique). Your perspective rarely gets to your target, and in the end after further miscommunication you just become totally detached from people away from the clique. Then, you get “closer” to your clique while actually what you are working on might actually be falseful assumptions.

Yes, I generally don’t like exclusive people. They are willing to sacrifice so much for the clique and yet so little for the greater good. Their logic is based on emotion (mostly biased towards their group of exclusive friends) and when it really is too late, they delve deeper into this exclusiveness which harms others. Let me say right now: If you don’t look into other opinions, you are only starving yourself (no matter how happy you will be) and leaving yourself to a one-sided fate. Usually, I don’t say so much because I want to see both perspectives first. (which is why I have almost never commented on the band-wushi thing in the past, both sides have valid points) Now I firmly believe I’ve seen both sides of the issue, and I can say I am not in the wrong (prove to me that I am). If you were truly insulted, you could have told me or anyone who was with me your perspectives and your concerns, instead of jumping to conclusions and taking action immediately. And I’m not the first person who has passed such discriminating remarks. If you choose such a course of action, I can only say I’m not sorry.

I repeat, if you have read this, get what I mean, and wish to discuss this with me, please do not do so on my tagboard. And like I wish to emphasize to every person who wants to talk any sense of logic with me, don’t be defensive. Be objective.

One for all? All for one? Venturez’ 06.

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