Monthly Archives: April 2006

Monster PT Schedule

Objectives:– NAPFA: Gold next year (unlikely but that’s an aim)– Pwnage– Train for Sec 4 camp and beyond (well Tahan is only like 2-3 weeks away)– Get into some cooler JC CCA Proposed Schedule (For the next week):– Friday: Pioneering + PE lesson– Saturday: MINDS Camp– Sunday: Bukit Timah Hill (During MINDS Camp)– Monday: Running […]

Help me, hence HO!

Freak. I was suddenly reminded that the table cover thingy (or whatever you call it) is the one used in THE MAID. Oh noes. LOL I just reminded myself that I have math homework to do too. (have to start understanding the rates of change thing too) And the Cheng Yu thing, Chin Seng isn’t […]

Laldies, Dallies, Sallied, disleal

(wth is a leal anyway) Results have been pouring in, and I suspect there will at least be 5 more tests over this term (scary ones, especially Math and Geography). Shall review some of the results: – Chemistry Mock Test: Failed by half a mark. Not that I didn’t listen in class or that I […]

Agraste Teargas Gastrea

Firstly, I require some test schedule… All I know so far:Tomorrow – Chem Mock and History MockThursday – LiteratureFriday – PHYSICAL FITNESSSome other time next week – History real test Help me, hence ho! (自相矛盾:16分) Should get A1 for Physics. Apparently I do not bother about the results of the Chemistry and History mock tests, […]


This blog post is typed at around 4 am (Update: 4.30 AM). Now there are generally two scenarios that come about when I go home: either I fall asleep trying to read something (ranging from a Chinese article to the green book) and wake up at around 9-11, then keep awake until 3-4, or I […]

Venture Activity: DOTA

Hm. Apparently there are some others who do read my blog. Though I’m not sure who does, really. Maybe MR. LOH reads this =/ (oh I haven’t done your homework by the way). Shall use up 1-2 paragraphs on Venture Activity. This Venture Activity was the slackest in my whole life. Basically, I can say […]

Charting the route for myself

Hello all. I suspect in the blog hiatus (HUTIAS) that I’ve had, I’ve probably lost viewership. Of course, that is assuming people DO read my blog. Suppose few people do since it’s on blogspot. Anyway the purpose of this post is to plot my own route for this term. 1. Physical FitnessI’ll set some targets […]