Charting the route for myself

Hello all. I suspect in the blog hiatus (HUTIAS) that I’ve had, I’ve probably lost viewership. Of course, that is assuming people DO read my blog. Suppose few people do since it’s on blogspot.

Anyway the purpose of this post is to plot my own route for this term.

1. Physical Fitness
I’ll set some targets for myself:
2.4 km run: A (expect a B)
Pullups: A (Of course =D)
Situps: A (If I can do over 30 in 30 seconds, I think I can get A in a minute)
Shuttle Run: B (expect a C)

Now to look at the other side of things..
Standing Broad Jump: C (expecting D)
Sit and Reach: C (expecting D)

So overall, I would hope for a gold, but I’ll probably get silver AGAIN (and for the 6th time). The thing I want to improve on most is the 2.4 km run. Give me your support when I run =D

2. Scrabble
Competitions which I wish to attend:
Next JGCC Mini (23rd April)
Singapore Open (If by then most of Venture Standard is passed)
JGCC Mini again (16th July)
National Scrabble Championship (22-23rd Jul, again, if I have gotten my VS, which is likely by now)
If I do well – more competitions to come, perhaps in JGCC Minis (Millenium Cup?)
Anyway need to focus on the 23rd April one.
People on my hitlist
– Lee Chee Meng (WTH doesn’t know JIT is a phony?!)
– Ruby Sim (Revenge after 5 point loss at SAFRA)
– Marcus Goh (Just for the fun of it =D)
– Serene Ngu, Ismail Kassim (Just trying)
– Jobeth (probably one of the hardest), not sure if she’s coming anyway
– Toh Kok Onn (sorry but I probably won’t allow someone of the same surname to be higher rated than me)
– Suhaimi Khalil (if he does go back to Intermediate)

I’ll declare that I won’t prepare that much. EVEN if I get owned badly on April 23rd… will know what to expect in the next few competitions.

3. Studies
Nothing much here. The main thing is – shall focus on doing my projects well. Have to get that A1 in Chemistry (still can’t believe how it eluded me last term). ACE is settled for all Humanities, Math and English, only the two sciences left.

I note Blogspot has a rather long word verification now.

One for all. All for one. Venturez’ 06

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