Venture Activity: DOTA

Hm. Apparently there are some others who do read my blog. Though I’m not sure who does, really. Maybe MR. LOH reads this =/ (oh I haven’t done your homework by the way). Shall use up 1-2 paragraphs on Venture Activity.

This Venture Activity was the slackest in my whole life. Basically, I can say I achieved nothing through this activity. It was enjoyable, nonetheless, but served no purpose (for the four of us, Liang Xun, Qin Sheng, Wei Min and I). Basically (yes this is quite basic) after the usual stuff (Attendance, Mr. Lee’s talkativeness), we opened 1 classroom for those going for the Sixer’s Training Camp (as facilitators and instructors, not participants), then went to the Concourse. Slacked around and even played DDR on Qin Sheng’s laptop (I mean, these kind of Venture Activities don’t come everyday, do they?). Later we opened another classroom and played more games there (on the class computer as well as the laptop) like DOTA. We used up about 3 hours in total. Later on we went off to Coro, and got my SAS handbook. (haha this is more or less a repeat from Melvin’s blog) Oh yeah, hope no AVSL reads this =p.

I think I got B for my 2.4. This is very saddening because I really thought I could have gotten an A. Now I’m going to get pwned by everyone. What a disappointment. On the other hand… I still can get a Gold IF I get above D for Standing Broad Jump and Sit and Reach. The latter seems highly improbable.

Had the Council Farewell on Friday. Guess its all for EP3 now. Have to pia VS and VC at least. Still had that nostalgic feeling when I went back… but guess its all over. Oh yeah, and now I’ve become the “advisor” for the next training camp. Hope it will be better than the one last year.

The world is so unpredictable. Right now, I can’t imagine myself firstly going into HCJC (in any stream), walking VC hike, or even coming back as an Auxiliary. Yes I will do all these, but it all seems so distant from me. I’ll walk VC hike on June if Zhen Yang (he says he wants to) or some other people are going, and definitely on December. Shall leave the rest to oppurtunity.

The tile bag’s a bitch.

One for all. All for one. Venturez ’06

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