This blog post is typed at around 4 am (Update: 4.30 AM). Now there are generally two scenarios that come about when I go home: either I fall asleep trying to read something (ranging from a Chinese article to the green book) and wake up at around 9-11, then keep awake until 3-4, or I just stay awake until 11-1. The former makes me sleepier in the mid afternoon, the latter late night. Of course, now the former is happening. I will probably be sleeping for service later on today.

There’s Consortium Assembly today, and we are all going to eat Malay Food from the Boarding School (I certainly hope the boarding school is just the LOCATION where we eat and not the place where we get our food from). How coincidental, I was just finishing up on the presentation on Muslims in France (or more appropriately titled Muslims in ______ those who watch the presentation MIGHT know, or alternatively you could ask me on MSN). Well I used the Biscuit Design (Kwan Ping Kan Design, Restricted for use in Hwa Chong Institution only) therefore Clearly I Will Get Three Out Of Three Ace Points (oh no maybe not because of the lack of topic sentences). One thing till now that I can’t understand is why comrade Alan’s immediate reaction when he saw the presentation was “Incredible!”. I CANNOT BELIEVE what he said, because our presentation is based on Authoritative Sources and contains Perceptive Analysis, thus it is very CREDIBLE. (Sorry this is 4O lingo for those who are lost)

Right now I am embarking on a King For Chinese (a.k.a. KFC) project that will allow me to get A1 in the next test. The underlying assumption of course is that she will give us MCQ for the Cheng Yu section, or else I am truly dead. Hell, I probably don’t know how to write 1/2 of them (well if you count 1 full cheng yu as 1). But meanings wise I am probably well off. As for Summary, a consistent streak of 17/20 probably means I should be able to get an A1 from there too (thus I shall start doing this first).

Chemistry seems remarkably easy (especially the new topic Electrolysis). The logic of Electrolysis is very simple (clearly an A1 topic) – but I will definitely work a little harder just to secure that A1. Differentiation is a tad more difficult but of course difficult means little to me =D. Algebra’s one of my favourite topics in Math (but when it comes to Trigonometry which involves Geometry, nah its my worst topic), so with the 2 bonus marks [I wonder who the hell came up with such a concept, luckily I have been handing (handuphandup) in homework], should be able to get that A1 again (I mean, the Term 1 grade was the first non-A1 I received in more than a year!). See, even my previous bracket followed the “rule” of first bracket being (), second one using [] and last one {}! INCREDIBLE!

SBJ Phail

One for all. All for one. Venturez ’06.

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