Agraste Teargas Gastrea

Firstly, I require some test schedule… All I know so far:
Tomorrow – Chem Mock and History Mock
Thursday – Literature
Some other time next week – History real test

Help me, hence ho! (自相矛盾:16分)

Should get A1 for Physics. Apparently I do not bother about the results of the Chemistry and History mock tests, because it will only be an indicator to how much I need to study for the real test. (btw Mr. Lim M.C., if you happen to read this, I WILL NOT BE MEMORISING MY AUTHORITATIVE SOURCES)

For Chemistry I just need a feel of what the questions would be like to avoid the B3 and retain the elusive-only-for-last-term A1. History is a matter of how many of his words you put in. Reminder to self: USE HOWEVER.

Tahan looks challenging. I am very afraid that I will fall off some cliff (or drown in some river) at Malaysia. (luckily I am touching wood right now) The only people I know there are the two Ventures plus some 4O (or former 4O/N) peeps, so I think I’ll remain rather isolated from the bunch.

By the way I have p00ned Wei Min’s handphone so CATCH ME IF YOU CAN XDXD (nah actually he forgot to bring it home so I helped him too, please don’t SMS/call him until around 7 hours later, why am I saying this crap its not like anyone is going to SMS/call him anyway)

Now on to Scrabble. I estimate I will either be very lucky and win or be rather unlucky and get 4th-7th (perhaps I have overestimated my own ability, I might get like 10th-11th). Several factors: Luck (epitomised by the fact that jasonwerty on ISC just played 2 50+ point moves with the X and the Z, but I still won XD), Skill (I hate to say there are many masters in intermediate, and Sarah Law?!), Rack balance (I see jasonwerty having very poor rack balance but he’s still winning and I don’t know why). All in all, I think I will be going there to prove something, that I have improved as a player.

Oh, forgot to mention that I play much better on ISC than on real life (thus I might not find the words I find on ISC, oh no does that mean I cheat on ISC?!?!?!). I’m also quite satisfied that the school teams did well. Congratulations!

(And good luck to the SYF people, I’m considering going down to support [I support.])

One for all. All for one. Venturez’ 06

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