Laldies, Dallies, Sallied, disleal

(wth is a leal anyway)

Results have been pouring in, and I suspect there will at least be 5 more tests over this term (scary ones, especially Math and Geography). Shall review some of the results:

– Chemistry Mock Test: Failed by half a mark. Not that I didn’t listen in class or that I never did homework/ didn’t understand the concepts, its just a matter of phrasing and studying in EXACT DETAIL (mug). The marks don’t count here, so expect a >150% score of that for the real test.

– History Mock Test: This is incredible. No one got A1 in the class, I suppose everyone got screwed by the SBQ, or by the Indian Congress. (in particular the SBQ for me) Essay: 10/13, SBQ 1/7 (wtf). Again the marks don’t count here, so I’m looking at a B3-A1 this term.

– Physical Fitness: Silver. Again, its the 2 parts which let me down: SBJ and S&R. Will embark on a meng training sometime after the tests.

– Scrabble: Third in intermediate (out of a field of six, so that’s average). Not that bad too, considering the first is Zi Peng (shouldn’t be in B) and second is Sarah (don’t think she should be in B too). These two were the only people I lost to by >5 points (teeheehee). Shouldn’t have lost to Serene, if I’d won I’d be 2nd. Bingo-wise played all common except perhaps ENCINAS. Congrats to Ashley who got third in his division too, and Li Wei who finally won his Div A competition.

– Chinese Test: Screwed.

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