Help me, hence HO!

Freak. I was suddenly reminded that the table cover thingy (or whatever you call it) is the one used in THE MAID. Oh noes.

LOL I just reminded myself that I have math homework to do too. (have to start understanding the rates of change thing too) And the Cheng Yu thing, Chin Seng isn’t online so can’t send him through MSN.

I think I will do badly for the history test again, but now its the essay that will screw me. Should be able to get an A1/A2 or a high B3 for the chemistry test, since a loss of 1-2 marks means a lot for the grade (thus screwing me out of the A1). Got A2 for Physics, not bad considering I don’t really listen in class (but I did mug a tad for this). I’m spending too much time on Scrabble, its killing my studies.

Speaking about Scrabble, I don’t know what to learn first. My more pragmatic voice in my heard tells me to learn the 4% tiles thing (and like Victor Chua, I don’t know what 4% means!). The other long-term method to get “good” is to learn Anagrams II (might be a little insane if I don’t get my basics right first). The last idea is to learn another 10 more stems, but that will be done when I decide to rise up in rating. THEREFORE, I will do the 4% things first, shall go at a slow pace at 40/day. I will also learn through observing. Short words will kill me. (see this proves my point that I AM spending too much time on Scrabble)

Up till now, I don’t understand why the school needs to find a way to QUANTIFY everything. Yes it might be needed for awards and so, but definitely not EVERYTHING in awards. Like why must there be a GRADE for conduct? I think this is a repercussion of the 1960 industrial era.. where everything has to be so mechanical and sequenced. Can’t they assess how good we are through the interview when applying for jobs? If I were to become some boss, firstly I’ll look at the qualifications (yes some things need quantity but not other stuff) then I’ll administer an S.R.I.T. test (in some format), hehehe.

noo Kelvin we don’t want to die…

One for all. All for one. Venturez’ 06 [forgot to add this to the last post]

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