Monster PT Schedule

– NAPFA: Gold next year (unlikely but that’s an aim)
– Pwnage
– Train for Sec 4 camp and beyond (well Tahan is only like 2-3 weeks away)
– Get into some cooler JC CCA

Proposed Schedule (For the next week):
– Friday: Pioneering + PE lesson
– Saturday: MINDS Camp
– Sunday: Bukit Timah Hill (During MINDS Camp)
– Monday: Running during lunch break (1.30 – 2.00 pm)
– Tuesday: REST (Physics Test)
– Wednesday: Bukit Timah Hill (2.00 to 5/6.00 pm)
– Thursday: PT within school (1.30 – 2.00pm to be in time for Mr. Lee’s lesson)

From then on, the Monster PT Schedule shall take on the following changes:
– Friday: PE Lesson + Sub-EP3
– Saturday: Venture Activity
– Sunday: Bukit Timah Hill (2.00 pm – 5/6 pm depending on what I’m doing)
– Monday: REST (this can be alternated with Sunday)
– Tuesday: Running during lunch break (1.30 – 2.00 pm)
– Wednesday: Monster Pullup session (Recess, 2nd recess, after school)
– Thursday: REST (I am so slack after all)

Required Logistics:
More PE Uniforms!
People to join me? Nah no one will…

Points to note:
– PT Sessions will be disrupted in the case of tests/ overwhelming amounts of homework/ projectwork/ fatigue
– Daily training includes pullups (to maximum), pushups (around 50 would do), and crunches (100)
– Homework takes priority

Safety Precautions
– Enough water to be taken before, during and after activity
– Take breaks at appropriate times
– Route for running to be planned properly before execution (Duchess area)
– Personal Medication to be brought at all times (I have ass-mar after all)
– The whole list of incase ofs… (e.g. heat exhaustion, heat injury etc.)

Conclusion: I am a sad freak.

Hey. To ask a question, who would want to follow me on any of the Monster PT days? Please reply kthx.

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