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So, the SG Open is over. Some parts of the results were expected, but others were just out of the blue. Even the matching to division was a little skewed, I’d say. Let’s see… Expected (Division A)– Tony wins (well one of the GMs or NMs has to make it right..)– Prudencio gets into the […]

On Mr. Lim (I don’t mind if teachers read this now..)

Won’t waste time/space narrating what happened. Shall jump to my stand. I think this sour relationship was perhaps been a result of our linguistic/behavioural sensitivity (or more aptly, Mr. Lim’s ability to use the right words at the right time). I find that many of our criticisms came round because we thought he might perhaps […]

Photos! is weibin. I’ve included other photos, including Scrabble screenshots and Venture Night Hike Photos (excluding those checkpoint photos). For viewer discretion, comment for elaboration on each of the pictures.

The tale of Tahan, Yali, and the Ophir Man

Came back from Gunung Tahan this morning. Didn’t really buy much from there (mostly because there aren’t much souvenirs there). Photo-wise not many too (I mean who would want to take photos of KTM?!) For the second time, I shall do a chronological recount for the camp. Day 1 – Assembly at Tanjong Pagar Railway […]


Today I shall be more interesting and do a chronological account of what happened. CSM was DAMN BORING. So boring that I decided to be antisocial (in fact perhaps more social than stoning) and started to study all the words that I’ve been seeing. Of course, I am not even halfway through, so at least […]

Tagetes, Gestate

I need a psychiatrist. (ok just kidding) This is my predicted MSG for this term:English – 1Math – 1 (double AU so 2 points)Physics – 1Chemistry – 1Literature – 1 Looks nice so far right? -however- HERE COME THE KILLERSIntegrated Humanities – 4 (double AU so 8 points)Chinese – 3-4Therefore, my MSG will be hovering […]

Activities that I shall refrain from

1. Political CommentaryAfter the elections do I really see the rationale behind the PAP’s stance behind the strict control over political blogging. There’s really too much stupidity and naivety behind all these common political talk, and I can say about half of what is said is unsupported, one-sided or biased. (Oh by the way politics […]

Come teachers, read my blog and have it closed!!!

Just came back from watching an opposition rally. Got some relevant material for the project I’m doing (MLP), but not going to post much more about what actually happened, because POLITICAL BLOGGING CAN JUST LAND ME IN JAIL!!!!! (or a Boys’ Home) One thing I didn’t notice, I didn’t realise there were so many staunch […]