Come teachers, read my blog and have it closed!!!

Just came back from watching an opposition rally. Got some relevant material for the project I’m doing (MLP), but not going to post much more about what actually happened, because POLITICAL BLOGGING CAN JUST LAND ME IN JAIL!!!!! (or a Boys’ Home) One thing I didn’t notice, I didn’t realise there were so many staunch supporters of opposition parties in Singapore. My group will have to further explore on this notion later.

I’m very tired now, and this is untypical of me (oh btw, scrapped the Monster PT Schedule, a little bit too imbalanced for a fat/ unfit punk like me) . Probably some mid-year (down) syndrome that causes me to sleep much earlier than I do in Term 1. Came back home expecting to have a nice nap, but BOOM here comes SLIM with his history essay (and I DO NOT feel like touching his notes, much less doing his essay). I’ve been hearing countless complaints all over the school about him but I think he’s going to stay for long, a little like the PAP’s situation now (no elaboration here because I don’t want to become a bankrupt when I grow up).

On the blogging issue. I think the school shouldn’t really bother about the blog content as long as it doesn’t go on a binge trying to defame the school. Moving away from the common (and overused) argument of free speech and how everyone should be allowed to air their views, the admin should realise that everyone is entitled to an opinion. I mean this in a double sense: opinion when posting on a blog, and opinion when reading other people’s blog. As long as the blog post is logical (and I think most of our blog posts are, are they not?) and not overly insulting (well even if it is, with proper support) it should not be criticised, even language-wise. And this is why I think control on vulgarities in anyone’s blog is rather unjustified. I mean, who has no “vulgarities” in his/her dictionary? These words are just rude substitutions for phrases of the same meaning (like shit for shucks, fuck for freak), and I daresay few, in fact close to none would be influenced by the usage of such terms. Are we just encouraging a single conformist mindset when it comes to stamping out such “radical” blog posts? It’s rather ironic in this sense, that no matter how much we discuss the concept of “creativity and speaking freely” just five minutes later we are busy eradicating such thoughts.

I notice that when posting blogs/ talking to people, I usually have a lot to say, but few ways to express them. Which is why sometimes I just close the blog window after typing half of the entry. There are some things I want to say to the world and other (or rather, many) things I’d rather keep to myself. Maybe I’m just afraid to offend people (but I do it all the time =D).

Must do history now.

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