Activities that I shall refrain from

1. Political Commentary
After the elections do I really see the rationale behind the PAP’s stance behind the strict control over political blogging. There’s really too much stupidity and naivety behind all these common political talk, and I can say about half of what is said is unsupported, one-sided or biased. (Oh by the way politics anagrams to colpitis and psilotic) In fact I agree with one statement that Ying Jie made in his blog, that some people are just supporting the opposition to end up on the “moral high ground” and just to appear as someone advocating the “freedom of expression”, thus presenting them with a clear distinct brand of superiority and perhaps the “ability to think beyond the PAP rhetoric”. But can these people think as well as their words go? Have they examined all their factors before making a conclusion, or are they only influenced by a spate of emotion? I notice many, in the ensuing debates from the election, tend to make sweeping statements (I suppose the floor, like lokelf) about the strengths of each party, the electorate and the playing field that the people are in.

People should really learn to go behind all the fluff and examine CONCRETE evidence (I suppose many of the commentors do not know of the Cheng San GRC incident in 2001, for example). As such, I decide to quit this bandwagon and nope, I won’t be doing much political commentary to anyone any more. (except for the purposes of MLP, or unless I find the debate worthy of comment)

2. Talking too much
Not much comment on this, but I think making too many assertions on the peripheral issues makes me stupid. Can’t really fathom why, but I think it has to do with the hypocritical and one-sided face of myself. In general, I’m more reflective than assertive – but when it comes to people and behaviour I still don’t mind talking more!

3. Studying too much
I think a study period of one (at the most two) days before the test is the best. The most I need is probably 1 (maximum two) hours for all tests. More than that, I probably will do worse. Tried, tested and proven. Sorry for those who need to study many more hours to get a similar score, but this is just me (this comment is for ego’s sake).

BTW, I am thinking of reembarking on the monster PT schedule. Maybe in a smaller magnitude though… only one week left.

One for all. All for one. Venturez’ 06 (I am forgetting this more and more often. Perhaps I won’t include it anymore, too much of a hassle)

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