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I need a psychiatrist. (ok just kidding)

This is my predicted MSG for this term:
English – 1
Math – 1 (double AU so 2 points)
Physics – 1
Chemistry – 1
Literature – 1

Looks nice so far right?

Integrated Humanities – 4 (double AU so 8 points)
Chinese – 3-4
Therefore, my MSG will be hovering around 2.00, just because of GEOGRAPHY and CHINESE. Incredible!

Recently, my life has been revolving around three things: Studies (well lots of people in HCI have this major aspect factored into their lives too), Ventures and Scrabble. Nothing else, really, besides the occasional Lemming Ball Z computer game which doesn’t take more than 5 minutes whenever I play it, and the STUPID FLY WHICH REFUSES TO GET OFF THE COMPUTER TABLE. Been going pretty much back to listening to music, but usually the same tunes that I used to listen to plus a few new ones.

I figure part of this emptiness (or kind of semi-emptiness) can be discussed using Abraham Maslow’s HIERACHY OF NEEDS. In fact, I find the behaviour of people closely intertwined with their needs as described in their model (however indirectly linked it is, there will still be some minute linkage) I prefer to use the original 5 level model, which comprises five stages, Biological and Physical Needs, Safety Needs, Belongingness and Love needs, Esteem needs and Self-actualisation. (well because I don’t see how aesthetic needs come in, if it doesn’t fall under the fifth category)

OK. So logically speaking, everyone should have different levels of needs. Someone might need to eat more than the others (first tier), and some just see the necessity of boosting their ego. Generally, as long as you find yourself satisfied with the relevant stage, you don’t find a need to improve it. Which is one of the underlying factors for the “emptiness” in my life, which actually to me is more full than empty (talk about half full and half empty haha). For example, when you have had your lunch and are full, you don’t eat any more; you don’t require bodyguards around you especially when you are a student. More complicated cases can be drawn from the part on esteem, when you are generally satisfied with your relationships usually you do not yearn for more (of course, this requires more explanation and elaboration but I think you all can see the logic). Of course, before need is translated to action, there must be something to further amplify this need. If not, the need would probably pass unnoticed. Instances can be drawn from gastric pains when you are in dire need of food, or depression when one has a lack of self esteem. The cycle goes as follows:

Need – Identification of need – Action – Satisfication (and of course this repeats depending on how hungry you are)

So, I think there’s a need for everyone to examine the various aspects in their lives and what these contribute to our lives. We should learn how important everything is in our life, so that we can gain a tacit acceptance of its contribution. For me, Scrabble might perhaps be an avenue to build up my self esteem as well as provide that occasional joyful moment when you win a game. So, what are you looking out for in everything that you do? By answering this question, we will be able to see what exactly we demand from each and every aspect so that we can better treasure our time.

I am going very off tangent (find the equation of the tangent and the normal, 7 marks) in this discussion, and I was supposed to conclude that I am rather satisfied with my life. I think the earlier point that I elucidated (asserted argued asseverated explained declared stated) is still rather pertinent, and is probably the main message that I would like to bring across.

OK. I’m really crazy typing all these at 4 am.

Service tomorrow. Will be half asleep while doing it, and I cannot fathom why I am still awake.

One for all, all for one. Venturez ’06

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