Today I shall be more interesting and do a chronological account of what happened.

CSM was DAMN BORING. So boring that I decided to be antisocial (in fact perhaps more social than stoning) and started to study all the words that I’ve been seeing. Of course, I am not even halfway through, so at least I got through at least 80 of them =D. There wasn’t really a enthusiastic mood, and everyone wanted to go home. Guan Hui and Sheng Wei were desperately looking for CCA companions (nope, no CCA for me this lifetime). Joshua was going through the words with me (and he knows at least half?!?!). Didn’t bother to walk around at all.

The HSC (and consortium councils) were desperately trying to enthuse the HS students but to no avail. Noted some stuff about what they were doing. Firstly, there were obvious breaks between the cheers, so there wasn’t really any continuity (until the last part, a little better). So the students soon became tired of standing up and down so many times that some just refused to. Secondly, they were doing the handsigns for the cheers for very long. Usually a good cheer would have about 10-15 seconds wait the most? But Ting Wei (haha picking on him) was knocking his hand together for like 1-2 minutes so the cheer soon got rather -.- and no one else was doing the signs. Well some people were really trying hard (like Sua Yu and Shi Wei) so I think its quite sad that some people spoilt the whole thing and ruined the whole environment. Anyway, on the flip side this gave me more time to study hehehe.

Random topic: WYSC
Shall talk a bit on this before I go on in my chronological order. The situation (crisis?) is as follows. Li Wei is probably going for it, given his word knowledge. Guo Cong will probably receive sponsorship to go too. So that’s 2/4 down. Let’s look at the other people.
Benjamin – Unlikely to clock 32 games, BSP Trip
Joshua – Might be able to clock 32 games but uninterested?
Guan Hui – BSP Trip
Kian Boon – ‘O’s
Zi Peng, Victor, Marcus – Nothing on, should be able to go
Ashley, Wei Min, Victor Gwee, Chua Zhong Jie, Jin Yang – Unlikely to qualify
Weibin – N00b, Unlikely to qualify, much poorer than everybody, low self-esteem

So the HCI masters and Kian Boon might not be able to go at all. That leaves Zi Peng, Victor, Marcus and myself (if I manage to qualify). Looking at qualification… its very very very unlikely. What I need:
– Get 32 games (commitments commitments commitments)
– To beat Victor, Zi Peng and/or Marcus in Division A in terms of rating by the third JGCC Mini
– All HCI Masters can’t go, cos I’m unlikely to outleap Zi Peng

Hence, I’m hoping 2 HCI masters can go. =D=D

Back to chronological order, I rushed out of the school (cos the prospect of a HAIRCUT was looming large in my mind). So, I forgot about seeing Ben Lee about Math marks (thus I thought I forfeited my A2 after that HUGE screwup). After the haircut I called Mr. Lee, then RUSHED BACK TO SCHOOL (from Toh Yi Drive, really a stone’s throw from my house). Got my 1 mark =D. Then went back home…. and SLEPT (after I was called by Ben to go for badminton). The rest is rather boring stuff.

One for all, All for one. Venturez ’06

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