So, the SG Open is over. Some parts of the results were expected, but others were just out of the blue. Even the matching to division was a little skewed, I’d say. Let’s see…

Expected (Division A)
– Tony wins (well one of the GMs or NMs has to make it right..)
– Prudencio gets into the top 3 (A little overdue)
– Suhaimi gets pwned even with his bingo knowledge, how good is he actually?
– Sanjoy hits mid-table
– Han Ei doesn’t do that well, the last time he played was 2004
– Cheah gets into the top 3 (Of course)
– Hubert’s rating jumps, but not yet into 1900 (still awaiting this moment!)
– The difficulty in bingos/player were predicted correctly – could see that the muggers performed more outstandingly in this area

Unexpected (Division A)
– Li Wei and Guo Cong both screw up (I guess luck-wise)
– Yen Nee didn’t do that well (don’t know why for this, perhaps because of luck again)
– Zi Peng and Victor do rather well and as a result their rating jumps to 1700+ (I don’t really know their standards so this was rather unexpected for me)

Expected (Division B)
– Marcus/Jobeth pwns the division
– Serene is in the top few… consistent player?
– Jason doesn’t do that bad (haha cos I’m not there)
– Zhong Jie and Yao Zhong get pwned
– Chee Meng does mid-table
– Jobeth’s bingos are very high-prob

Unexpected (Division B)
– So many people who used to be from Division C playing in B this time (Zhong Jie, Yao Zhong, Aaron… all the unrated people played in Division C)
– Tan Boon Hock does badly this round (Unlucky I guess)
– Marcus wins SGO B division with such a huge spread (Wins yes, but spread..)

Expected (Division C)
– Chua Jun Jie doesn’t do badly, his standard is quite there
– Aaron gets owned
– Many many participants
– Budding Scrabblers – Phong Yizhe Lester?

Unexpected (Division C)
– 8 Zz Byes hahahahaha

Expected (Ratings)
– Marcus comfortably sits in A
– General shift up in B division ratings
– HAHAHAHA Zhong Jie’s rating drops to 1300+
– Prudencio goes up, I’d expect a 1900 anytime soon.

Unexpected (Ratings)
– Jobeth still isn’t in A?! !@*#$&@^$*!@%& its long overdue
– Ball and Victor jump quite a lot, even past Guan Hui
– Sng Weirong Joshua – Top teenager in Singapore at 1822 (hehehe)
– Guo Cong and Li Wei BOTH drop (at most I’d expect one to drop only)

Uploaded more Scrabble Pix onto Photobucket – password weibin. All are screenshots of the games that I won (either 500+, hilarious ones like mark1993 vs pontianak or lucky/tyco/insignificant/inconsequential victories against the Ms/SMs of Singapore) The link’s here:

So, as SG Open came to a close, I suppose my chances to go for WYSC kind of died off. I’m still clinging on to the hope that I can jump tremendously in ratings – perhaps Nats? Well. Nah I don’t really need to go, after all I’m not good enough for the spots. (get pwned by david eldar?!) We should send our best 5 (or is it 4?) – Li Wei, Benjamin, Guo Cong, Joshua and Kian Boon/Guan Hui.

On a side note, got 2.11 for my MSG. Disappointing given that I expected a 1.5 or something before the killer results started pouring in. Geog was the subject that murdered me. Shall stage a comeback next term – watch out! Just kidding.

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