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Everyone has their bad days….

Ah well. Tomorrow’s schedule is going to be much lighter…. we have a movie, an assembly and a lion dance performance (plus Slim which is just comprehension of his notes). How much better could school tomorrow get? Well there are 2 slots for afternoon lessons though (at least its double math, yay integration is logical […]

Italy wins because of a last minute penalty. 1 – Bad news is that I think it was a little crappy cause Australia could have won (through extra time) and the last part just screwed the game up. 2 – Good news… I was supporting Italy (Come on, Totti, Cannavaro, Buffon, that’s damn imba already!!!) […]

Venture Activity, School

Won’t spend too much on the Venture activity because its already on at least 2 other blogs. Passed nothing this week, but still rather fruitful cos I got practice on horizontal ropes. I’m quite sure next time when I become an auxiliary (or if I become an AVSL) I’ll need to show the others how […]


Woke up and practically did nothing (unless you consider reading a few pages of History notes and losing a few games on ISC something) Went to school to discuss MLP (stagnant until now sadly)… and with that very fruitful discussion I have some idea on how to embark on HRP too. (a bit belated, isn’t […]


[start of evil me]I had no qualms about Li Wei posting that picture on the blog…… but his comments were unexpected . As such, HERE I GO (this is testimony to how childish I am guys). First 0wnage pictureComments:1) First a whore, then a gigolo, then a nub?? What’s next? A nubcak3?2) Changing topics – […]


Intend to co-organise a roto with Li Wei when it comes to Nats. Div A, B and C. A little too ambitious maybe? (BTW for Div C maybe I’ll include a section for “any random newcomers” so that people can bet on newcomers hehehehe) I will play up during Nats. Div A. Only chance for […]

歌曲:彩虹天堂 歌手:刘畊宏 专辑:彩虹天堂 我不知不觉又徘徊在从前秋风悄悄的呼唤听来尽是孤单落叶的期盼片片左右为难心走寂寞攀跟著飘进黑暗 我不闻不问也许好过一点被遗憾关在房间挣扎只是拖延无望的空谈一声声的轻叹回忆扯不断怎黱摆脱纠缠 找不到方向往彩虹天堂有你说的爱在用幸福触摸忧伤两个人相守直到白发苍苍自由的飞翔在灿烂的星光 找不到方向往彩虹天堂有你说的爱在用幸福触摸忧伤两个人相守直到白发苍苍自由的飞翔在灿烂的星光有你在我身旁 Lyrics from Actually I wanted to post this at 2 am, but Blogger screwed up (or maybe its just my Internet). I should go sleep soon, had only 3 hours from around 4.20 till now. Including afternoon naps I have around 5 or 6 hours… but it […]

What’s the use of saying anything anyway?