[start of evil me]I had no qualms about Li Wei posting that picture on the blog…… but his comments were unexpected . As such, HERE I GO (this is testimony to how childish I am guys).

First 0wnage picture

1) First a whore, then a gigolo, then a nub?? What’s next? A nubcak3?
2) Changing topics – ‘my friend spamming’ to change the topic from him being a nub (true, of course)
3) What’s with the font colours?

Second 0wnage picture

1) LOL nothing to say.

Of course, I suppose you wouldn’t want to view the logs in which I spam him. Too bad he’s nubbed out already.

Corrected post (Li Wei’s blog)

Today owned (me). Woke up at 10.45(p)m and hurriedly made my way down to NUS. By the time I got there (Lunch!), Guocong was gone. He had some (Scrabble, haha I don’t qualify) competition to rush off to.

I worked and worked and worked (out) [more like debugged and debugged and debugged (, so many insects there)] till I finally got the (fitness) program working right at ~5.25pm. Rewarded myself with an early dinner (I’m 73 kg, remember?), then continued working (out) till the gym tech closed the (gyms) at 6.44pm.

Haha! I got owned (yes very true). One major bug (cockroach) had something to do with this:

i = 1-1

LOL! The program doesn’t read 0s (of course treadmills don’t read numbers), and 1-1 happens to be a big fat 0. -.-” It’s supposed to be

i = i – 1

I underline the bigfat (why the dual usage of big fat? And why big fat “i”?) “i”.

On to more interesting stuff (I got owned!).

<— Clicky!
1) Note that Aaron is leading David.
2) Note that (I) got nubbed by (Weibin), and
3) He left (to get owned in DOTA). =) [end of evil me, start of the 0angel0]

Okay that was lame.

On to other quite random headlines, I have finally hit 25 on word average! But well ISC ratings are usually flukes. (I am still overrated there at least) Haven’t been playing that much anyway. Homework completion is nearing 15%. I may have underestimated though, it might actually be nearing 50%. Well 15% if you count in HRP and PD. Manageable but not totally finish-able.

Went for the MindGames open house on Sunday. A lot fewer people than I expected (I would at least imagine a crowd gathering), and I suppose we didn’t get out to as many people as we’d wish to. At least I got to play some games, of which I won one (Li Wei of course) and lost to Tony (Li Wei and I vs Tony) Learnt some other games like Pit (and now I have a sketchy idea of T2R). Also saw JP (haven’t seen in a very long while) and Han Ei (never met him before, but he’s back at least)….. I’m getting more familiar with the scene. Still a nub to it anyway.

Good luck to everyone going for PG open.

Survival this Saturday! Looking forward to passing this hurdle this week (must do proper planning for the trap now, a dead-fall will never work trust me)… then its VLC (finally…..) woohoo!

On the issue of (the supposed incompetence of our) juniors, I don’t think we should be blaming them too much for whatever that happens (of course there is some blame involved but don’t fall into the blame game). If anything, we should be making a difference in them. They are the ones that are going to take over our current roles (and aid us in them too), be it walking as companions for CCA/PSA hikes, leading the council in its direction or achieving new heights in whatever they aspire to do. If we don’t train them, who else will? (I’m more involved in the scout side so I’ll talk about it, not the council side) Our scout leaders, for one, are not directly involved with our juniors (except the relationship they have as a leader). They don’t take so much responsibility anyway, their services are voluntary. It is our own duty to cultivate our juniors and pass this spirit on to them. Just some general comments on the brief furore over this issue.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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