Woke up and practically did nothing (unless you consider reading a few pages of History notes and losing a few games on ISC something)

Went to school to discuss MLP (stagnant until now sadly)… and with that very fruitful discussion I have some idea on how to embark on HRP too. (a bit belated, isn’t it?)

Played badminton with Ben, Zach, Guan Hui, Yu Jay and Yu Jay’s cousin (who’s in Scouts, no wonder he’s so familiar… have to remember his face). Tiring but I blame it on my heavy racket. Didn’t play as well today.

Went back home and err… only thing to remember (other than the screenshots below) is my loss to Jason. Tactical error.

I realise I have to do something (about everything in my life).

On a lighter note, here are some screenshots of er well amusing conversations on ISC =D

Conversation 1

1) I’m sure he’ll be pleased that there’s a screenshot named after him!
2) Wonder what Eldar’s response would be if he clicked all of the links (considering he expects us to know YNAMBUS)
3) While Joshua is fat, I am fattestestestestestestestestestest (at 59 kg! A 4 kg increase is bad enough guys)
4) Eldar ended up playing IMBURSED through the E (A2) for the win.
5) I’m damn lame all right

Conversation 2

1) 0angel0 is playing multi, and his rating is higher than mine! I’m such a nubcak3
2) Ah yes OMASA is good on multi. It’s good on SOWPODS too o.O
3) In the end 0angel0 played MOUSIER (this screenshot was taken a bit later, 0angel0 had the rack of SOILURE/LOUSIER).
4) I wouldn’t know OMASA but I might have tried JIRS! (I mean if Z can be hooked in front of OBI, why can’t S be hooked behind JIR)
5) 0angel0 ended up forfeiting on time

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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