Venture Activity, School

Won’t spend too much on the Venture activity because its already on at least 2 other blogs. Passed nothing this week, but still rather fruitful cos I got practice on horizontal ropes. I’m quite sure next time when I become an auxiliary (or if I become an AVSL) I’ll need to show the others how to do it. Kinda mastered it already so that’s one satisfying thing about the activity =D. Shall decline to comment about the DSA (scouts side) cos I don’t know much about it.

School has started. Well not much happened today since its DOUBLE LAB SESSION and double chinese (wonder how I’m gonna survive this term if Monday is going to be so “welcoming”). Actually today wasn’t that bad after all. Rather slack for Chemistry and Physics pracs, and I had the feeling that YeoTC had nothing for us to do (lunch?) so she ended up talking about our grades for the Chinese test.

School isn’t as bad as I expected….. at least not YET.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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