Everyone has their bad days….

Ah well. Tomorrow’s schedule is going to be much lighter…. we have a movie, an assembly and a lion dance performance (plus Slim which is just comprehension of his notes). How much better could school tomorrow get? Well there are 2 slots for afternoon lessons though (at least its double math, yay integration is logical at least)….. that would break my nocturnal streak I’ve been having of late. Ah well better to leave it broken, cos I have EP3 on Friday (don’t want to sleep on the benches or anything), Venture Activity on Saturday (must get through this 2nd last hurdle!!), Project’s day interviews on Monday… (and HRP left untouched argh)

More on the “nocturnal streak” that I was talking about. As school has reopened.. I’ve kind of reverted back to the go home early and sleep notion, wake up just before dinner (or rather lunch), then sleep at the urethan-ly hours only to have bigger problems waking up the next day.

-> Able to concentrate better at night (do work)
-> World Cup?
-> Sleeping in the afternoon is better than idling off in front of the computer (and besides I am always able to think of things to do at night)
-> ehehe no more DOTA (though I managed to sneak a game in today, naughty me)
-> Can watch WWE to the end (today’s episode was cool tho the main event was a little disappointing)

-> May get sleepy in the day (during school!)
-> May not get the 8 hours of sleep that I think I need
-> Afternoon lessons = break in sleeping schedule

People are trying to persuade me to have uninterrupted rest periods (i.e. sleep at night only)… maybe I will try both and see how it works out. Anyone has suggestions/ comments?

This term is going to be both tough on one hand and easy on the other. The maths and sciences look fairly easy (so far) and the humans are going to screw me up again (but maybe this term its gonna be history). Lost the passion of writing history essays (and with it goes the passion for doing HRP)

On to Scrabble. For those who are now at Thailand slogging their guts out, good luck to you all. As for myself.. not confident of performing at Nats.
1 – With how I’m playing on ISC now, I only do well with luck (and not only small amounts of luck, but lots and lots of luck to find the words that I play sometimes).
2 – I lack the natural word finding skill (not versatile with my tiles) to see words like ERUPTION and to embarrass myself more RESOLVE
3 – Don’t know as many words as others… like CAVORT, AMTRAC, ROUNDLET, GURNING, EMONGST
4 – Short word knowledge is inferior
5 – More overrated than underrated, how can I rise up to 1600 if I don’t have my basics right?
I might be stuck with the byes come Nationals (and I must avoid them or else I won’t be able to make the 16)….

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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