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Of all the sins I’ve committed in life, I can never forgive myself the most for causing undue hurt to others. And after listening and observing for a few days after the Nats, I realise that I’ve only been a hindrance to many around me for the past year. I guess many people have started […]

Now that I think I’ve cooled down A LITTLE……

I’ll talk a little more about my games. Of course I won’t say what I missed because I don’t record my racks down usually and I have never ever tracked a game properly (up till now). Bear with my truthfulness =(. Day 1 Game 1 – Zi Peng Thought he’d take the 2 blanks again […]

Summary of Nationals 2006

In a nutshell…… Why does everything matter? I need someone to talk to whom I can really trust. Though no one will probably understand since I survive on immaturity. Damn la there’s no purpose, no zeal, no drive anymore in ANYTHING that I do or used to do. I can’t even distract myself now. I […]

Random thoughts

Yesterday was the fourth time (out of four) that I’ve attended the Track and Field Finals for Hwa Chong. Glad to see Hwa Chong own it again, but even better this round, TRIPLE (ABC Boys) champ! =D. Well its certainly worth the effort la… though I’m tired (and HRP undone, chionging now), its fun going […]

The gamble

NATIONAL SCRABBLE CHAMPIONSHIP 2006 ROTO ENTRY FEE: SGD5 PER TEAM Pick a team of 4 players, one from each quad (they are ordered according to local ratings). The winning team is the one with the most wins and spread at the end of the tournament. Prizes:1st Prize: 45% of the pool2nd Prize: 25% of the […]


Before I start, this post is not intended for one person/ a group of people. It is just a general feeling. Of course I have the predisposed mentality that no one would bother to read through this but I hope it helps a little. To merely take a 2-second glance at those esoteric nicknames/ blogposts/ […]

The Failure’s Guide to Studying for Tomorrow’s Chem Test!!!111oneone

I solemnly note again that everytime I post up something serious what follows is usually rather light-hearted. ANYWAYS FOR THOSE WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING AT ALL (AKA CMI) BUT JUST WANT TO GET THAT PASS ANYWAY (ELECTROCHEM 1-5 ONLY + ADVICE FOR WORKSHEETS) – Simple tricks for memory (of course I don’t really use all […]

Projects’ Day

Before I start my usual ramble [note that an extremely long (my longest post ever?) elegy for Hwa Chong students follows], I notice that my blog posts are not meant to entertain (as a result I do not attempt to fancily classify/ title my content), nor are they intended to attract readership (in other words […]


Open House this Saturday. Well damn disappointed at our standard…. I expected MUCH better (in terms of spar selection, tightness of knots, attitude). Worst of all I couldn’t stand it when Dominic said to one of the Sec 4’s faces that we should not complain about their standard because they only have 10 people in […]


Photobucket updated (More Scrabble photos and Class BBQ!) Overcame my fatigue today by sleeping in the afternoon. A pity that I’m overdependent on afternoon naps. I’ve tried over the past week to have uninterrupted sleep, but that results in my sleeping AND NOT SMS-ING MR. TAN during Physics lessons! (I mean that’s a first…) I […]