Photobucket updated (More Scrabble photos and Class BBQ!)

Overcame my fatigue today by sleeping in the afternoon. A pity that I’m overdependent on afternoon naps. I’ve tried over the past week to have uninterrupted sleep, but that results in my sleeping AND NOT SMS-ING MR. TAN during Physics lessons! (I mean that’s a first…) I wonder how obvious it is though. Never wanted to sleep but when you’re talking of C.G. then it gets a little boring….

Recently there’s this you-know-who who has been irritating me of late by charging his handphone right beside my seat. I mean, I want to sit at the back alone BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO BE DISTURBED BY PEOPLE (or disturb people =p) LIKE YOU. Yet he has to firstly charge his handphone in class (banned in school, you councillor), and secondly SMS in class while charging his handphone (banned in all schools except the end?). ALL BESIDE ME. And by the way, I wonder why you appear to be charging your handphone daily… or is it handphoneS?

I think the class BBQ has helped much in bonding our class together, especially with some teachers that we weren’t previously so close to (but close enough as a teacher-student relation).. like Mr. Loh and Mr. Lee. Nowadays we’re much more open/ friendly with them. Not to mention the things that we did during the BBQ like Halo 2, _____ game, ____ racing….. I believe our class video at the end of the year would be (y). Be sure to watch out for INTERESTING PERSONALITIES like 311411 111, 111 1112 411 and 111 513 411! (Scrabble point tiles… note the 513 is an anomalous spelling) Ah well to give a huge clue, NONE of them turned up for the barbeque. XD

Random translations:

Act Four Scene 2 Fife. A room in Macduff’s castle. Enter Lady Macduff, her son, and Ross.

Lady Macduff: wAh lAuu eH! ~~ wHat hE dO tO fLy tHe lAnD?! zzZZzzz
Ross: eUu mUz hAf pAtiEncE mAdAm…
Lady Macduff: hE dUn hAf pAtiEnCE laa ~~. hIs fLigHt wAs mAdnEsS… wHen oUr aCtiOns dUn, oUr fEarS dO mAkE uS cB tRaiTOrS
Ross: eUu nOe nOt wHetHer iit wAs hIs wIsDom oR hIs fEaR wOrXxX
Lady Macduff: wIsdOm! ~ tO lEavE hIs gf, 2 lEaVe hIs bAbEe…

[I’m tired, skip to page 257 when Murderers enter]

Lady Macduff: wHaT aRe tHesE fAceS sIaxX?
First Murderer: wHeRe iS eUuR (wootz new creation) lAo gOnG?
Lady Macduff: ii hOpE iN nO pLacE sO uNsAnCtifIed wHeRe sUcH aS eUu mAysT fInD hIm.
First Murderer: hE’s a cB tRaiToR.
Son: eUu lIe lAa… eUu sHaG-hAiRed ******
First Murderer: [[ // — wHaT!!!!111 eUu eGg!! ~~ * yOuNg fRy of tReAcHerY!!!111oneoneone [Stabs him]
Son: hE hAs kIllEd mIeE, mOtHer; rUn aWaY, ii pRaY eUu. [Dies]
[Exit Lady Macduff crying ‘xXxXmUrDeR wOrXxXx~~!’ and pursued by the Murderers]

YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I’m getting proficient at this!! (are these prerequisites for talking with people at the end?)

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06.

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