Open House this Saturday. Well damn disappointed at our standard…. I expected MUCH better (in terms of spar selection, tightness of knots, attitude). Worst of all I couldn’t stand it when Dominic said to one of the Sec 4’s faces that we should not complain about their standard because they only have 10 people in their batch. So what if they have ONLY 10 people? Is that a reason sufficient enough to allay our concerns about your poor standard? I don’t think that reason should ever be used more than once, seriously. If there was a numbers problem at the start of the year then each of you should have contributed more on your own, rather than sit back and “enjoy” life as a Secondary 3 without giving two hoots about the unit.

I won’t talk about the KYD reports because it’ll reflect too badly on our troop. I hope our juniors can actually reflect on what actually is in our Scout Promise “do my best” and in the Scout Motto “pengakap bersedia”.

On to other headlines, ROTO for Nats is coming out soon. Just awaiting the ratings for those in Division B (who aren’t in the SA). Well will expect some readjustment come JGCC Mini.. but I already have my teams in mind! (Especially for Quad 1 and 2….. hehe)

Project’s Day draft done. I think there’s quite a high probability that we’ll get into the finals… and I’ll quote Guan Hui “excellent job =D. Of course we have to contest with KWAN PING KAN (a.k.a. veritop5) and Dominic Low but I reckon they’ll be screwed over by their mentor XD.

One for all, All for one. Venturez’ 06

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