The Failure’s Guide to Studying for Tomorrow’s Chem Test!!!111oneone

I solemnly note again that everytime I post up something serious what follows is usually rather light-hearted.

ANYWAYS FOR THOSE WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING AT ALL (AKA CMI) BUT JUST WANT TO GET THAT PASS ANYWAY (ELECTROCHEM 1-5 ONLY + ADVICE FOR WORKSHEETS) – Simple tricks for memory (of course I don’t really use all of them because I prefer understanding the concepts)

Electrochemistry 1
– What’s OXIDATION and what’s REDUCTION? Just remember OXIdation involves + OXYgen (well this concept rather easy for me)
– Oxidation numbers/ Oxidation states/ Half-cell equations are all very logical and simple, NO NEED TO STUDY (for me that is, dunno about all of you)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Electrochemistry 2
– What’s the difference between an Oxidising and Reducing Agent? Just remember that the descriptors are in the VERB form (i.e. oxidis-ING and reduc-ING), thus they BRING ABOUT oxidation/reduction respectively
– How do you know which one of Potassium dichromate, Potassium permanganate, Hydrogen peroxide or Potassium iodide is the reducing agent? SIMPLE!! Just remember that reducing = less word length therefore POTASSIUM IODIDE IS THE REDUCING AGENT!!!
– (Of course, you may need to spend time remembering the formulas of the oxidising/reducing agents, but the word DI-chromate might help you…)

Electrochemistry 3
– How do you know which ions go to which electrode? CAT-hode and AN-ode shares similarities with CAT-ions and AN-ions, simply put the cations go to the cathode and the anions go to the anode! Thus the cathode is the negative terminal and the anode is the positive terminal.
– Seriously, the rest of the stuff is REALLY REALLY EASY

Electrochemistry 4
– Very simple too, just follow the notes and you’ll get the picture (BUT THE CONCEPTS TAUGHT IN THIS NOTES ARE ESSENTIAL)

Electrochemistry 5
– Damn I don’t feel like studying this, seems to require more memory work than logic

– Know the style of questioning and the style of answering plus some key stuff you must know (like minimal dissociation of OH- and H+ ions while electrolysing deionised water thus there is little mobility)

I am sounding very egoistic as though an A1 is guaranteed. But given the type of questions he might set I think I will fail. AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH.

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