The gamble



Pick a team of 4 players, one from each quad (they are ordered according to local ratings). The winning team is the one with the most wins and spread at the end of the tournament.

1st Prize: 45% of the pool
2nd Prize: 25% of the pool
3rd Prize: 10% of the pool
(the remaining 20% goes to the organizers for running the ROTO)

1. The total rating points for your team must not exceed 6450.
2. Send in your picks via email to
3. In your email, include
(1) Players in your team
(2) Name of team
(3) Mode of payment
4. Spoilt or incomplete entries will be rejected.
5. You can add, modify or withdraw your team right up until the first round of play commences. No changes will be accepted from that point onwards.
6. Your teams will be posted in separate entry on this blog for all to observe.
7. Only teams which have paid up will be reflected on the entrant list.
8. In the event of a tie
(1) Tie for first place: Prize money for 1st and 2nd placings split up between the tied teams.
(2) Tie for second place: Prize money for 2nd and 3rd placings split up between the tied teams.
(3) Tie for third place: Prize money for 3rd placings split up between the tied teams.
9. The organisers’ decision is final.
10. The organisers do not take responsibility for any liabilities and injuries arising from this ROTO.

Remember, each team only costs SGD5.

Will your team emerge victorious?

Disclaimer: This ROTO is not sponsored or endorsed by the organizers of the National Scrabble Championship 2006.


Quad 1

Tony Sim 1929
Marlon Prudencio 1879
Cheah Siu Hean 1877
Gan Cher Siong 1867
Andy Kurnia 1860
Hubert Wee 1847
Goh Jiang Pern 1840
Michael Tang 1839
Joshua Sng Weirong 1822
Ricky Purnomo 1814
Lim Li Wei 1812
Benjamin Chow 1770

Quad 2

Kum Zi Peng 1767
Liew Kian Boon 1749
Chew Han Ei 1701
Victor Chua 1697
Dorai Raja 1696
Marcus Goh Kim Leng 1682
Chia Guo Cong 1681
Shim Yen Nee 1679
Lee Guan Hui 1673
Jessie Lim Poey Lan 1654
Quek Sim Ho 1646
Suhaimi Khalil 1644

Quad 3

Ismail Kassim 1557
Valliammah Thambiayah 1538

Serene Ngu 1530
Aloysious Conzaga 1517

Ang Chew Chuah 1503
Arul Inthirarajah 1484
M Ganapathy 1481

Phong Yizhe Lester 1479
Lee Chee Meng 1477

Quad 4

Catherine Tong 1471
Ruby Sim 1467

Winston Gwee 1466
Ng Ming Wei 1452

Dinna Lim 1432
Low Bee Tiang 1428
Tan Yao Zhong 1401

Chua Zhong Jie 1363

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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