Random thoughts

Yesterday was the fourth time (out of four) that I’ve attended the Track and Field Finals for Hwa Chong. Glad to see Hwa Chong own it again, but even better this round, TRIPLE (ABC Boys) champ! =D. Well its certainly worth the effort la… though I’m tired (and HRP undone, chionging now), its fun going to support the school that you have been in for the past four years and at least giving them that little appreciation for everything they’ve given you. Oh well, expecting a holiday at around 10+ am today? (and a well-deserved one, need to sleeeeeeeeeep!) Heard it might be next week but touch wood. I need rest for Nationals.

Speaking of the Nationals, after reading Guan Hui’s entry (and formulating my own thoughts beforehand)… I think its no use speculating about who’s going to qualify and who isn’t (and spam angst). Not like I would anyway (takes a miracle) though I’ll certainly try and work for it (now at G, still slow)… good luck to those that are going. Well whether I actually go for the competition…. whether I’ll be able to meet people overseas that I haven’t seen before… shall leave it all to fate.

Need to go to school.

One for all, All for one. Venturez’ 06

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