Now that I think I’ve cooled down A LITTLE……

I’ll talk a little more about my games. Of course I won’t say what I missed because I don’t record my racks down usually and I have never ever tracked a game properly (up till now). Bear with my truthfulness =(.

Day 1

Game 1 – Zi Peng

Thought he’d take the 2 blanks again (I mean 4 in 2 games is no mere feat). Was very scared of losing again (first game of Nats leh!)… but luckily he relieved me of a lot of stress by phonying a bingo (well won’t reveal it here, you could ask me though). Then bingoed VISAGES and ALANINES. Got 1 blank in this game… Won 434 to 371.

Game 2 – Tony

Played terribly, just like I did against Cheah later. I wonder what spurred me on to try ACTAS (I should have known… tried on ISC before). Well I deduced that ACTAS wasn’t good (KURIS sounds much more valid). Later he played PAINTIER and I played ATELIERS (I’m so stemmy). I think this game was rather blocky, could only bingo thru the E. Blanks went 1-1. Lost 323- 389, this was the start of my downward streak…

Game 3 – Han Ei

I got both blanks in this game, but I missed bingos with my racks (well only one playable). When I fished off one tile (one left in the bag only) he blocked it and well… GG. Must have given him a bad impression by playing NES which was challenged off immediately. Didn’t think much… was frustrated at my performance against Tony. Lost quite badly – 315 to 392. Was sliding further and further down…

Game 4 – Benjamin

Was VERY VERY lucky. I scored 280 in 6 turns… while he did 304. BOUDERIE was a shocker… I almost challenged it but knowing how Ben plays I played safe. Was lucky to manage a last move OARIEST (again the stems!) to counter his EPINAOI… catching him with the J and increasing my spread by quite a bit. Didn’t get any blanks in this one though, but was lucky with 3 bingos. Won 496-450, I’m sure Ben will want his revenge soon.

Game 5- Quek

Blanks went 1-1. Almost challenged SOURDINE (I suck at my 8s thanks) but I remembered it from 2 JGs ago. Bingoed MELODIA which was almost challenged, and he countered with MINORITY. Then SOURDINE opened LATEXES for me and I won by 20 points. I thought my winning streak would start… Won 393-373

Game 6 – Cheah

HORRIBLE. To keep it simple, I was more frustrated with the people who came, looked at the scoresheet and remarked “Cheah you bully” than my inability to find SIMPLE SIMPLE bingos. Lucky that he missed PRATINGS as a niner but was immensely pressurized throughout the game (by observers). To think of it, my racks weren’t that bad – the blanks went 1 each. He managed 1 bingo but scored >30 for 90% of his moves. I just screwed up that game – 249 to 487.

Game 7 – Ricky

I suppose this is the game that got me niaoed by those-people-who-played-better-stuff-than-i-did. Started off with an easy PENCILS. Ricky played PENMEN which I would have challenged if he wasn’t a GM. A move later, he plays PERGOLAS and I think “Shit I’m going to get owned again…”. Was VERY LUCKY to tyco an AEGROTAT (yes yes that’s what got me niaoed but shouldn’t you all know it already? this has got to be some desperate ploy to raise my self-esteem but its failing in all aspects…) which was challenged (woohoo at least a GM challenged my valid word! the only thing I can boast about from nats ’06!) He bingoed AUDITOR again and I was stuck in a close game. Later on he set up ZEX for 59 and the game was lost. Was so desperate that I tried SVELTER/ELIED* which got challenged off immediately. Come on I am lousy but you people won’t admit it. What kind of words am I trying man…. Lost 387 to 454. Blanks went 1-1

Game 8 – Victor

Actually I was on quite a high because of the AEGROTAT – at least I’ve proven something in real life. This is the thing that got me down… a second-move bingo. SENDERS 82. Played TORTIVE next to get the free challenge =D. Later he played OLDSTER and I am killed. Lost 284 to 414, 0 blanks from me. Victor has thus written a 4 blanks in 2 games record against me!

Game 9 – Sarah

This taught me that I NEED TO FREAKING TRACK IN THE FUTURE. She got SORRIER 67, METEORS 93 and LOUSIER 83, when added together > INSTATE 84 and REQUINS 87. Got owned. Lost 404-464, 0 blanks here again. Was so depressed that I considered skipping the next day. But talking to some people got my system functional again.

Day 2

Game 10 – Suhaimi
Was expecting Jessie instead. I was kind of fearful cos of Suhaimi’s dominance in Division B and C. Was VERY VERY lucky though in the sense that he opened a bingo line for me with a phony (that I didn’t challenge of course). That bingo gave me the win by 20 points. Blanks went 1-1, won 363-343. PHEW.

Game 11 – Jessie

Something I wouldn’t want to talk about. Changed a total of 4 times, I only vaguely remember 2 of the racks – WUUIIER (kept ER) and CLLPDNS (kept S). Bingos went 1-1: SALTIER against DERATION. Blanks went 0 to me. Lost by50: 347-397.

Game 12 – Joshua

GRRRR. The more I think of his SENARII and AERIEST, the more I think of my own incapability. Was happy enough to bingo twice, ROYALISE (thru an unchallenged UNWINGS which gave me a double double – 20 more than his) and REHEATED (thought I couldn’t bingo cos of the 3 Es). But gave up after I saw my last rack. Got 0 blanks – lost by 47. 383 to 430.

Game 13 – Suhaimi

This is a game I should have won. Started off by trying MUTATER which got challenged off. Phonied an unchallenged UNDIE. He gets both blanks, BLINDED, NASTIER and wins because I miss a CENTIMO/ TONEMIC/ ENTOMIC finisher. How sad – definitely not thinking hard enough. Lost 396 to 399.

Game 14 – Suhaimi

Was determined to take revenge. And yes, got both blanks =D. BORROWED and ETRENNES killed, and got an extra 5 from ETRENNES (easy one though). Won 385 to 340. Had to change twice… cos I had AIIIOOS (played off IAO with CIAO and got UVU so kept S) and got a totally consonant rack with no dumping spots. So lucky to bingo next turn (I’m a lucky lousy player right?)

Game 15 – STILL with Suhaimi

Was quite sad throughout the game especially after he bingoed SILICON. later SAYINGS got me frustrated, and I was zi bei-ing with my rather-ok racks. (He challenged UPBEAR which gave me another 5) In the end he got both blanks and lost by 121. Lost 320 – 441

Game 16 – Suhaimi for the 5th time

I was VERY VERY determined to win my last game, and at least by 100 plus. Got my wish granted. This one went 1-1 in terms of blanks, and Suhaimi challenged 3 of my moves – GRIFT, BOLETUS and ENAMORED. Won by quite a bit – 469 to 336. Relieved to get 6 wins at least.

Number of phonies played: 6 in the entire tourney, 3 against Cheah
Number of phonies left unchallenged: UNWINGS (to double-double a ROYALISE)
Valid words challenged: PAINTIER (I don’t know ok?!)

Overall, a very disappointing performance. If I want to attribute it to luck I would say I got 11 blanks in 32 possible blanks (and the two against Han Ei came in the second last move and I didn’t know the bingos that came with it) – too tired to count the esses, JQXZK. But well, doubt it had much to do with luck or rather bingos – I had 23 bingos in the entire tourney as compared to 19 from Guan Hui, but he won so many more than I did.

I am damn sad. Time to play in B, and forget about WYSC. Sorry to anyone who was expecting me to hit 1600. I still maintain that those expectations were some kind of false motivator set by others to bring me out of depression, they totally unrealistic for someone like me. Even if I were to qualify for WYSC few people would endorse it.. why not…

– Ben who played BOUDERIE
– Joshua who played ARCHAISE
– Guan Hui who played STYLITE and RASBORA
– Guo Cong who played OBEAHED
– Kian Boon who played POTSHARD
– Li Wei who played KARYOTIN
– Marcus who played erm SERRATI
– Victor who played RAINIEST
– Weibin who played nothing worth noting
– Zi Peng who played SERAFILE

Ah well. GG to all that I played, only shook a few hands (Like gave Suhaimi one shake for ALL the games). Should I go for Causeway?

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