A chronological recount.

I have, after several attempts to type out a proper blog entry, decided instead upon a chronological recount of the past… erm 4 days. There is no purpose in typing out what I truly feel (or have thought about over the past few days) because
1) there is no purpose for me to do so (who would bother?)
2) too difficult for me to collapse all thoughts and put it down
3) slow detachment
4) in general, some things are best kept to myself

So, here I go.

Friday – School, Lion Dance etc.

Can’t remember so much of this day, except that I was thinking of a few things – firstly, my Projects’ Day submission and its clash with EP3, and secondly my busy schedule over the weekend. Had swimming first (and I wasn’t as tired as I expected!), and Mr. Han was teaching (or rather asking and commenting) us to plunge into the water (like 6+ times), while those who “didn’t know how to swim” like Nigel Bay were allowed to “swim”. Was quite unnecessary and for a duration of 40+ minutes we only swam like 3 laps (during the “race” he made us swim half a lap x2 each)

Went for Lion Dance in the afternoon-evening after missing like half of it due to Proj Day submission (wonder if we’ll do well). Kinda angry at the Sec 2’s attitude and behaviour though I was in zero mood to do anything with them (and in the end I let them off thinking that I am a soft kind person =p). It was partially my own fault at being a “poor” instructor, though I couldn’t stand how they were still (1) discussing the intricacies of computer games during an EP3 session and (2) pushing about responsibilities. Troop camp… troop camp…..

I HAD AN EARLY NAP. XD I suppose this was rather warranted because of my 4 am 2 nights ago and 2 am 1 night ago. Though I thought I would be somewhere off (won’t mention here) this night, but my parents were understanding enough to allow me to sleep. Will thank them for eternity for this decision.

Saturday – VLC Day 1

VLC was.. a total deviance from what I expected. Had heard that the EAVLC might have been “more tekan”… and Jovial Grizzly sure didn’t sound like a very jovial name. I guess I was proven wrong, though I was kinda misled by the flag break ceremony. Saw many people from the Jamboree especially on the leader side, i.e. Edi from Troop 1, Smiling Ox, Jumping Spider and Faridah the AL (Auxiliary Leader wonder what that actually means).

Lectures were pretty common sense. Things like “use your VSL” were like DUH things to us… and it was accompanied by stuff we already knew about, like Situational Leadership etc. The standard of English was TERRIBLE. Well this just proves what I have been thinking in terms of a vast educational spectrum. At least people there acted rather maturely I would say.

Sunday – VLC Day 2

Had expected night activities (fire drill, solo night whatever) but didn’t happen. The slack camp went on as usual with only 20 pushups as punishments. PT… was rather slack and the instructors were pretty appreciative of Hwa Chong’s insane singing throughout the run. Come on lah sleeping in a dormitory (not considering the grand total of 7 hours), having lectures in an air-conditioned room and eating CATERED food is like something new for all Hwa Chong Ventures….. but I think it was meant to be a kind of theory slack camp, not a physically intensive and all-round training camp. Glad to experience the East Area “culture” while I was there.

Rushed home after camp for the thing I shall not explain on the blog. Fell asleep while on the bus and ended up at Bukit Batok Interchange! Could have reached faster if I tagged along with Yu Jay.

Monday – Day 3

Nothing you readers should know.

You know, I feel kind of bored now, and furthermore I got lots of work to do (most of all the looming physics test). Was actually planning to quit a few things (like this blog, MSN and lastly Scrabble) to start detaching myself away from everything…. but nope, at least not yet.

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